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PJ Harvey's new album is out on May 31st! It's going to be called Uh Huh Her.

Three Guardian links: The return of forums for public debate (actually, see also this article about the Dana Centre); the influence of the McSweeny's Litpack; and Gwyneth Jones is a little disappointed by Newton's Wake. On the other hand, John Clute is a fan of The Year Of Our War.

A springy wireframe man.
HYPNOPOMP RAPIST is a Googlewhack for the Clute article. And a good name for a band.
I don't think it would count as a real John Clute review if it didn't contain at least one term sufficient to Googlewhack it. :-D
is playing the main stage at Glastonbury on the Saturday, I was informed yesterday.
I think I'll wait for Shaun of the Dead instead, it looks much better.
Much better than, um, what...?
Really weird - I didn't put this comment here, I put it somewhere else, but I had just looked here before... Either LJ or Mozilla got confused.

Definitely not me, no way never :)
I thought that might be it. :)

Were you aiming for snowking's post, by any chance?
Aye, that's the one... I know nothing about pj harvey...
I know nothing about pj harvey...


A springy wireframe man falling down some stairs or getting hit by a truck. (http://jet.ro/dismount/).

-- Tom