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John Clute has reviewed Cloud Atlas; Sean Walsh talks about the same book within the context of the current British literary scene.

The slightly condensed Lord of the Rings. Alternatively, entertaining fantasy for pedants can be found here (an Eleanor Arnason story I like! Will wonders never cease?). Tangentially, confessions of a former fanfic writer are here.

Life imitates 'Birthday'.

I still think that this looks cool (and very vaguely reminiscent of the opening of Singularity Sky), no matter what snowking says.

This is still depressing. Let's get the correct definition of Jew back on top, eh?

And has anyone got any suggestions for what the two things would be about livejournal?

EDIT: heavy metal and science fiction: together at last!
heavy metal and science fiction: together at last!

Oh Lordy, you know what they are, don't you?

Heavy Metal filkers!
The horror...The horror...
Heh, an awful lot of heavy metal groups have songs based on fantasy/SF books. Look at all the Tolkien metal out there. Dunno if I'd call it filk, though...
I'm pretty sure filk is new lyrics over an old song, isn't it? I mean, if you make up a new song, it's not filk just becuase it has geek stuff in it. Or most hip-hop artists are filkers.
That's generally how I'd define it, yes. Though there is the strange thing known as an "original filk song" which seems to a song written by a filker to be sung along with filks...
I've been looking out for Bloodhag for years. They know their SF. Mostly.
The Two Things About LiveJournal:

1. Your flist asymptotically approaches infinity, irrespective of how often you purge.
2. LJ use in hours.day-1 always equals t (where t is all your spare time). Nobody knows how this works.


1. You will never change anyone's mind by posting or commenting on LJ.
2. You will never stop trying to change someone's mind by posting or commenting on LJ.


1. OMG we like totally bought a puppy!!"!"!111!
2. ((((((everyone))))))
They then plan to "organise a heavy metal fundraiser in the mould of Live Aid. After that, hopefully, we will get bit parts in The Hobbit and the next David Cronenberg film before fading back into obscurity."

Wasn't there a 'Band Aid' at one point in the 80s?
I just checked and Wiki is back on top - yay!