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My review of Recursion, Tony Ballantyne's first novel, is up, and all the posts about people voting for the Hugos have reminded me of a couple of questions I've been meaning to ask of my friendslist.

Firstly: does anyone know whether or not Interaction will be presenting the John W Campbell award for Best New Writer next year? It's not listed on their Hugo page, but then it's not strictly a Hugo, so that might not mean anything. The eligibility to vote rule certainly looks like the standard 'attending or supporting that year's worldcon' clause.

Secondly, can anyone explain the eligibility of authors for the Campbell? The website says that "The author's work must have appeared in a professional publication. A "professional publication" is one that had an average press run of at least 10,000 copies per issue." It then goes on to note that Interzone does not have a circulation in excess of 10,000 copies per issue, but that most first novels do.

My problem is that I suspect this refers to US first novels; I don't know what the print runs of UK first novels are, but I was under the impression that they weren't as high as 10,000.

All of this, as you've probably guessed, is in service of the third and final question: am I going to be able to nominate Tony Ballantyne for the 2005 Campbell? If his Interzone stories are ineligible then Recursion marks (I think) his first year of eligibility for the award. For that matter, what about Steph Swainston? I get the impression that if any first novel was going to have had a 10,000 copy print run it would be The Year of Our War.

Can anyone help?
In Swainston's case, would the first print run include only the first hardback edition, or the numbers sold for the eventual paperback edition as well? More complexity!
Hardback only, I would assume. First edition is first edition, isn't it?
There was a fair amount of chatter about the qualifying process for the award over here
Thanks. And (this not directed at you!) gah:
British writers have debuted in the past, although, I guess, not many SF/F novels in Britain by debut writers are printed with more than 10,000 copies.

So they do check print runs, and it does have to be over 10,000. Seems a little silly to me, but so it goes.
1) The Campbell will be awarded at the British Worldcon, since it is administered as part of the Hugos. There are many non-Hugo awards presented as part of the Hugo ceremony (a tedious amount if you have to sit through the lot of them), but they all come as a package.

2) As for print-run, I would be astounded if anybody actually counts. If there is a novel from a mainstream publisher (ie, not a vanity press or self-published) it is probably assumed to meet the print-run requirement. That would be there mostly to exclude short fiction appearing in one-off magazines that no-one ever sees. With internet publishing, print run becomes an unsustainable requirement anyway.
Yes, I would have assumed there would be an element of common sense going into the eligibility - so major publisher novels automatically count, and so should stories that appear somewhere like SCIFICTION. I was just a little concerned that I couldn't actually see any words to that effect on the website. :)

Yes, I would have assumed there would be an element of common sense going into the eligibility...

I would have thought so. I've always assumed that the rules are protective rather than prescriptive. You publish a stonking first novel and the fact that you'd previously published two short stories three years ago in Tapir Tales (circulation: 200, or 190 if wet) does not count against you. However, if you publish a superb short story in Tapir Tales and the entire readership -- or even just the fair-weather contingent -- decide that it's so good that they want to nominate you for the JWC the you could still be short-listed.

However, that is just an assumption; I've no evidence to back it up.
I can actually give you something very close to Interaction's official answer on these questions.

I'm the WSFS Division Head, and that is the division responsible for adminstering the Hugos and the JWC voting process. So yes, Interaction will be presenting the JWC award.

The JWC Award is not a Hugo, and WSFS do not decide eligibility. This largely rests with Dell Magazines. The most commonly quoted website is entirely unofficia.
Thanks. Guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens when the time comes to make nominations.
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