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From everyone. Twenty-five lyrics; you have to try to guess the song and artist. I'll unbold them out as people get them. I'm not technologically advanced enough to have 'a playlist', so my choices are only semi-random.

01. You don't need an indie song // to figure out what's going on ('Mastermind' by the Divine Comedy, gaspodog)

02. It's been a long time since we hung around together // in the street // and I miss those days // when the world would wait for us ('You're Always Going Too Soon' by Matthew Jay, immortalradical)

03. I'll pick some daisies // from the flower bed // of the galaxy theatre // while you clear your head // I thought some daisies might cheer you up ('Daisies of the Galaxy' by Eels, ninebelow)

04. It wasn't meant to be this way // it wasn't meant to end this late ['Friday's Dust' by Doves]

05. You can steal the scene but you're blind // and the magic will leave you feeling hollow ['Drawn From Memory' by Embrace]

06. With a sampled heartbeat and a stolen soul // I sold my songs to have my fortune told // and it said you should know that // love will never die // but see how it kills you in the blink of an eye ('Please Sister' by the Cardigans, immortalradical)

07. Life isn't precious and life isn't sacred // sometimes release only comes when you meet death // a night of reprieve we were wrecked when we slept in the park // when we woke in the morning you cried could I squeeze out the dark ('The Drowning Years' by the Delgadoes, immortalradical)

08. And I imagine us in time // less in body, more in mind ['City Astronaut' by Cindy Alexander]

09. Stumble through the crowds together // they're trying to ignore us // that's ok // I'm proud to be the one you hold when the shakes begin ('Powder Blue' by Elbow, danmilburn)

10. Oh what fun, I can't wait 'till the future gets here ('Video' by Ben Folds Five, storme)

11. The perfect girl, the perfect place // to watch the world go down in flames // wouldn't that be a shame // so let it go ('Walking 2 Hawaii' by Tom McRae, despotliz)

12. Today is whatever I want it to mean ('Central Reservation' by Beth Orton, Team Meekburn)

13. Do my eyes seem empty? // I've forgotten how this feels ('I've Been High' by REM, despotliz)

14. I feel like dancing on my own // where no-one knows me and where I // can cause offence just by the way I look ('There's Too Much Love' by Belle & Sebastian, storme)

15. The rain comes down like a victory // in sheets of shining memory ('Rain City' by Turin Brakes, immortalradical)

16. Don't you know it's alright to be alone ('Candy' by Ash, storme)

17. Does it take the fireworks to make you loook in wonder? ('Splinter' by the Sneaker Pimps, immortalradical)

18. A thousand nameless roads have taken me away // miles of fallen rain behind me // and though you know I'm just a phone number away // I wonder if you'll ever find me ['Nifkin's Bridge' by the Bluetones]

19. Bursting out from the white noise phase // higher than aeroplanes // we need to rise ('Floodlit World' by Ultrasound, immortalradical

20. Said you didn't love me // it was right on time // I was just about to tell you // but ok, alright ('English Girls Approximately', by Ryan Adams, immortalradical)

21. My imagination wants to see // the vivid colours of reality ('Vivid' by Electronic, kalorlo)

22. Found a message in the sand // it read, 'just do the best you can' ('Strangers' by James, pikelet)

23. I'm still trying I'm trying I'm trying I'm trying ['Much Against Everyone's Advice' by Soulwax. Disappointed that Tom didn't get this.]

24. We all got big tears in our sides // and the city salt doesn't help // but it sure cleans them out ('4:35am' by Gemma Hayes, immortalradical)

25. Science runs with us // making us gods ('Aisha' by Death in Vegas, ninebelow, storme)
Hmm, what could No. 14 be? ;)

25. Aisha - Death In Vegas
Hmm, what could No. 14 be? ;)

I have no idea what you're talking about. :-p

And, correct.
10. is Ben Folds, Video.
25 is Death in Vegas, Aisha.

and did you mean to leave the song title on #14?
Yes, yes and no. :-p
Can't remember the title, but number 17 is by Vera Duckworth.
Beg pardon?
Also, 16 is Ash... hm, Candy?
I would guess 3 is Daisies In THe Galaxy by The Eels, though I've not heard it.
I'm not sure that should be allowed. And you did get the title a little bit wrong ... but bah, I'll give it to you.
9 is Powder Blue by Elbow
Yep. I could have easily picked half a dozen more Elbow lyrics, too, if I'd let myself. :)
12. Central Reservation by Beth Orton. Credit goes jointly to to Aileen.
01 - Divine Comedy, Mastermind

Good song, but I've no clue on the rest :-)
11. Walking to Hawaii - Tom McRae. According to Stewart, Radio6 people were taking about that gig for the week after it. Apparently, Johhny Depp and Tim Burton were there.

(Team MilMeek)

11. Walking to Hawaii - Tom McRae.

So close!

According to Stewart, Radio6 people were taking about that gig for the week after it. Apparently, Johhny Depp and Tim Burton were there.

... seriously?


Is that canonical now? I'll change it if so.
Oh, and 13. REM - I've Been High
21. Electronic - Vivid
2 - Matthew Jay, You're Always Going Too Soon

6 - The Cardigans, Please Sister

7 - Delgados, The Drowning Years

15 - Turin bloody Brakes, Rain City

17 - Kottonmouth Kings, Splinter

19 - Ultrasound, Floodlit World

20 - Ryan Adams, English Girls Approximately

24 - Gemma Hayes, 4.35am
I knew I could count on you, Dan. I dub you prince of schmindie.

Except ...

17 - Kottonmouth Kings, Splinter


Late night revelations now I look at the remaining ones: #14 is Belle and Sebastian, There's too much love.

Unless that's awake-at-3am crack talking.
(and before you wonder, that's not one of the ones I googled earlier. Someone else posted a B&S track to their list and it seems to have triggered my memory)