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New community.
Is there any hope at all for an explanation for those of us who have NO idea what that's about?
Wouldn't that spoil things somewhat?
OK, let me rephrase - should I join? Would I think you for it? Or is this something I should just ignore, and pat Tim on the head? (I can't reach yours).
Well, that's hard to say ...
If you stood on my shoulders you probably could...
Teamwork! I like it.
as two people have no idea of what you are talking about, and the community only *has* two members, doesn't that tell you something about the choice of titles...?
It's perfect?

Fine, we'll start our own made-up community :P
Well, you could always Google. :-p
I did and it still doesn't make any sense :p

You = elitist
I don't know either but my connection is being rubbish and so I've no idea what is being linked to. Until I can read it, it just looks like Niall jumping about randomly :)

I prefer to think of it as frolicking. Frolicing?
Frolicking. I see crazed jumping where you see playfulness. Either way, tis amusing :)
To be fair, I have a bad feeling most people would side with you ...
Stewart, I thought you'd understand! :-o
Creating communities based on your own in-jokes :D

Total Fandom Cliquery/Mastery is but a paperback's throw away...
If I can google it, it's too mainstream and I don't want to join :P
Hmm, I don't know if I approve of creating unecessary communities...

I tease, I tease! *cackles madly*

Ah, but this is clearly essential! :D
Define essential! ;p
No. That would be a redundant activity.
Ah well, you are familiar with redundancy yes.

*runs off very quickly*
<3 nat.

*cackles madly*

*backs away slowly*
Are you on crack?
I'm high on the joy of creation, my friend.

(Good thing I didn't pick the sixth image on the page...)
(Good thing I didn't pick the sixth image on the page...)

Well, that's an interesting mix of images.
Are you sure there isn't a slight note of terror in your voice, young fellow?
Oh, my -- that's burned itself into my retina. You shouldn't do that to people, Tommeh.
Well, I read the linked article... But what's Glastonbury got to do with anything?
Though I could make up a slightly laboured reason involving "Irony of Mimesis" sounding like a certain kind of metal band and This Is Spinal Tap...
"To begin with, everything."
I have googled and so reached enlightenment.

Also, you may like this.
Also, you may like this.

8/10 for enthusiasm, but not enough variety. 6/10 overall.
(Deleted comment)
Did you come across it at uni? I know it through imsoc and ousfg; I assumed it was fairly widespread, but it appears not. I don't know the actual origin.
(Deleted comment)
Is it a community based on the Glastonbury festival, and would you include all the side-dishes that make the fest what it is?
Glastonbury says "Fuck off, I'm sleeping. Can't you see it's cold, and I need rest before all the tourists come?".