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Jane Espenson writes about writing working female characters.

The guest at this evening's BSFA London meeting is Liz Williams, interviewed by Simon Bradshaw.

The Guardian links to short films on the web.

Matt Cheney dismantles Norman Spinrad's ranty review column.

Tom is collecting titles of scientific papers you would really rather not see. Only one entry so far, but I have to agree that 'Unusual activity of the Sun during recent decades compared to the previous 11,000 years' is indeed a title I really would rather not have seen.

Strange Horizons has had a good couple of weeks. 'The Jenna Set' by Daniel Kaysen is geeky and romantic; 'Magic in a Certain Slant of Light' by Deborah Coates is, well, magical and romantic. There are short reviews of both on shortform.

Speaking of rants, remember the one from the other week? The sci-fi bitch slut etc one? There's a slightly more coherent followup here.

Welcome to New Dork: a long (and snobbish) essay about Jonathan Lethem's fiction and inspirations.

And finally: Go Meta! Go Geneva! Next time they'll make the medals, you mark my words ...
Go Meta! Go Geneva!

Indeed - well done Geneva et al. Also, Go Niall :-)
Interesting overview ... so I can only comment on that abstract - this solar variability has been a consistent argument throughout the climate change research, and the impact of its forcing shouldn't be underestimated, surely. Nevertheless, we are left with what we can do about it, and that takes us back to greenhouse gases in the main.
Well done Geneva!