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An interesting interview with David Mitchell, in which he talks (among other things) about constructing novels around a 'secret architecture'.

benpeek has two interesting posts on Sword & Sorcery: definitions and recommendations.

A strangely calming (and actually, just fairly strange) flash animation.

For those who haven't read this year's Fountain Award-winning story, 'The Annals of Eelin-Ok' by Jeffrey Ford is now online.

An essay by John Kessel about Ender's Game: 'Creating the Innocent Killer'. Originally published in Foundation last year.

A Brief Brief History of Time. Like the movies in 15 minutes, but for science and therefore (to me) about a thousand times funnier.

And if you've been to see the Hitch-Hiker's movie and fancy a knitted Marvin ...
Thanks. :)
I knew there was a point at which saying "OMG STFU n00b" would cease to be funny, and I think I might have reached it.
Well, you weren't meant to read the whole thing in one go. :p
I'm only on chapter 6! I do have some work to do :p
WTF? You just don't understand physics, n00b.
I do need to get a Marvin plush for Larissa. :-)
I do have to say I liked Speaker for the Dead more ... because it showed some moral evolution.
Recent Mankind: *still yearn for full knowledge of the Universe*

The Universe: *is just, really, complicated* Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough!

Recent Mankind: *invent scientists and nerds to try and figure it out*

The Universe: *is still really, really complicated* *blows raspberry at nerds*