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This is what I do for a living (or at least the media-friendly scaremongering version of what I do). Some people are pretty concerned about it. This week's British Medical Journal has a whole bunch of articles, in fact.
Heh, slight me-too here.

Went to see George Monbiot give the opening speech at the radical book fair, and there was a lovely 5 minute bit about how the large chains (Waterstone's , WH Smiths, and let's be honest, Ottakar's) are destroying the indepenedent market), perhaps it's time to intentionally stock work badly.

On the other hand, when I'm putting books as fiercely different as the likes of Joe Sacco's Palestine and Safe Area Gorazde or Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis then maybe I can balance the good and the bad out.

He did make me feel very guilty, but at the same time more angry than usual at the inability of publishers to stand up for themselves.
We're all evil! w00t!

I feel tainted by your evilness. Begone from this world, oh evil one!
"and he was such a nice lad, we had no idea that he could perpetrate such crimes..."


Well, you are a memeologist, you know your hand is in this evil plot...but is it a 'dead hand'? ;-p

Ha! And we all feared Tom, silly OUSFG!