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First, a request: Does anyone know where I could find a list of SF and fantasy books that have been published in the last year? I'm prepared to trawl back-issues of Interzone if I must, but an online list would be more helpful. The Locus site seems to only have lists of forthcoming books, without confirming that they were actually published.

Fun story of the day:
Late Tuesday evening, little things suddenly started to go very wrong in the virtual world of Shadowbane, a popular online multiplayer game.
"At first, players started speculating that there was a really bad bug in the game code," player Tim Wheating said. "Then we realized that somehow an insane god had taken control of our world and was out to kill us all."
Sci-Fan has 2688 books published in 2002 and 1023 in 2003. Dunno how accurate it is and I think it's only the American publishing dates. Has Engine City as a 2003 release.
And if you want to see the fun plucky animated version of said tale, try to watch 'hack.//sign'

Or...if you're more interactive in your tastes, and are a PS2 freak, aquire 'dot.//hack'