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I don't know, you wait a month for a BSFA meeting, and then two come along at once. This evening's meeting (again, open to all, just organised by the BSFA) is back in the Star Tavern in Belgravia. The guest is Ian R. Macleod, author of The Light Ages and The House of Storms, the wonderful novella 'New Light on the Drake Equation', much else, and twice-winner of the World Fantasy Award. The interviewer is, er, me. The fun starts at 7, although plenty of people will be around before that. Come along!

N.B. Yes, it's a Tuesday not a Wednesday, for this month only, because the Clarke Award is tomorrow.
I am going to have to make my apologies - I have too much that must be done, so can't come out tonight. I shall see you tomorrow, no doubt.
Sorry dude, not going to be able to make it this evening.

See you tomorrow evening though.
Have you invented transported technology, as I don't finish work until 6. Why oh why must the BSFA start so early in the evening?
So that people can get home at a civilised hour afterwards?

I know. Lightweights.
Meh at them. Seriously, 7pm pretty much means that anyone from outside London is hard pushed if they want to attend, 8pm would mean that many more people would have the opportunity of attending if they wanted.

Hmm, AGM isn't that far away...
this evening? when did it move to tuesdays?
It's on a Tuesday for this month only because the Clarke Award is tomorrow.
thanks. we've found out in time to go :)