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So, it looks like I have a flat...
I feel a strong urge to disavow all knowledge of your identity. :-p
Must be hard being cooler than everyone else with your rogueish, rakeish, debonaire demeanour.
You have no idea.
Funny, I was just thinking the smae thing about you...
So does this mean a post-birthday flat-trash^H^H^H^H^Hwarming?
Well, yeah. At some point. Possibly in shifts, since the flat ain't all that big.

I think the most likely scenario is some kind of BBQ sunday the 6th of July. It'd be cool to do it this weekend, but I suspect it's probably too short notice. But we'll see.
Congrats :)
Do you actually have the keys now, then?
No, but I just got the call saying the estate agent has them. I'll be picking them up after work. The next two hours will be very long...
Skive off early?
Not really in option. In theory, I have to finish this piece of work by the end of the day...

Still, only an hour to go now. :)
Welcome to the 'Real' World... :->
Indeed. I can't help feeling there's something not quite right about *buying* a flat before my 23rd birthday...
Well done - enjoy much flatness. :-)

Have spent the evening moving much stuff over. My flat rocks! :)