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Declare yourself!

I am a BSFA member and I have nominated for the awards. I am awesome.
I am a BSFA member and I have not nominated for the awards. I hang my head in shame.
I am not a BSFA member. My life is a hollow sham.

The current list of nominations is here; send your nominations to BSFA.Awards@gmail.com. As Ian says, just because something's on that list doesn't guarantee it's going to make it to the shortlist: it might have received one nomination, it might have received fifty. If the Hugo nomination stats are anything to go by, this is going to be especially true of the short fiction -- the nomination field tends to be broad but relatively shallow. So if you see a story -- or anything else you like -- already on the list, it's still worth adding your nomination.
I am a BSFA member, I have not nominated for the awards, I consider this an honourable course of action since I have not read any sufficiently recent work.
But you could go and look at the artwork nominations, which are almost all linked ... :)
I am not a BSFA member. My life is a hollow sham.

Oh how you cut me to the quick!
You know it's the truth!
Some variation on option three.
Oh, I am deeply ashamed, I have not yet nominated myself. Almost as if I knew exactly when the deadline was, and could afford to wait for (literally) the very last second...
You think that's bad? I spent yesterday catching up with lj in chronological order, meaning I missed this post until today, when it's too late to nominate the book I contributed to. My life is therefore not a hollow sham, but a tragi-comedy in which the gods of time mock mere mortals.

On the other hand, being married to a previous BSFA Awards administrator, I am chuffed to bits that the interweb has enabled many more nominations to be received than was previously possible.

Oh, wow, I see my mum's been nominating! I've put a version of Bad Gifts online so that people can see it if they like. Note that it's correctly attributed as the cover of Plokta 36, not the "Plokta Christmas Catalogue"... that was a "joke". I'm not sure who I should tell to get the link added to the BSFA website.
That would be me. Link added, thanks.
I am so AWESOME I nominated books which weren't even eligible. I win.
I wouldn't worry about it: so have a bunch of other people, it seems.
Is there an easy way to find out if I'm still an actual BSFA member? I (re-)joined two or three years ago, but I don't recall paying for more than a year's membership. And yet the Vectors and Matrices keep coming.
I've emailed the membership secretary -- hopefullly he'll be along soon with an answer.
Really must get around to rejoining at some stage....

Come to think of it, I've a box of floppies somewhere with a bunch of old Matrixes in WP5.1 format.
Is there any way you could get copies of the contents of those to the BSFA?
First I've seen of it, noticed at least one startling lacuna, have taken action.
Thank you for confirming that my life is, in fact, a Meaningless Sham - as I so often complain to Delia when I can't find my other slipper or can't think of a plot for a short story or have forgotten to pick up the milk, etc. She just laughs at me. She doesn't understand.
And the remarkable thing is, *all of that would be solved* if you only joined the BSFA!
I cannot fill in your poll because none of the three provided answers suit me. My answer would be "I have not nominated for any awards as I am a fool who can't remember if he renewed his BSFA membership or not, and I really should get around to working out who I need to ask to find out."

In short, my life is quite possibly a hollow sham.
Not according to my list; your membership expired 04/2006.

Of course, if you were to somehow have nominated in the past before your membership expired, then all would be well, but short of time travel, I don't see how that's going to happen.