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I've never played The Sims. Ever. But I keep coming across stories that make me want to start, particularly the online version. First there was the emergence of the Sims mob, and now this:
Yet Sims players are expressing themselves in that and many other ways via the game's family album feature, which was originally conceived as a way for players to photograph, collect and publicly share important moments in their Sims' lives. What no one imagined - leaast of all The Sim's designers - was that thousands of players would quickly bypass the album's intended use and instead use it to create dozens of staged snapshots, crafting what can be complex, scripted, multi-episode social commentaries, graphic novels or even movies, as it were, with the Sims starring in lead roles.

It's certainly a different approach to other online comics...
The Sims is too time sucky for me. You have to micro-manage them to the N'th degree and TBH I get bored telling them when to eat, when to take a piss and when to watch TV.......

Nothing like as much fun as I was led to believe.

I think I prefer the resource management kind of God games - like Sim City.
Not entirely dissimilar to Quake movies (http://www.google.com/search?q=quake%20movie) and their ilk (http://dmoz.org/Arts/Movies/Filmmaking/Film_Formats/Machinima/). Technology is a truly wonderful thing.

-- Tom