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Inspired by this post, with which I have to admit I have some sympathy:

I have wanted to throw a book at the wall because it annoyed me


I have used the phrase "I got so mad I threw the book at the wall" (or similar) as hyperbole


I have actually thrown a book at the wall because it annoyed me


I wish everyone would stop talking about throwing books at walls


EDIT: You all have a lot of anger in your lives, don't you?
But which books have all these book-throwers thrown at walls?

For me, it was The Dive from Clausen's Pier. I shudder at the very memory.
Warwick Collins' Computer One. Possibly the worst book I have ever read.
I think your next poll should be about burning books. I suspect I'm not the only person reading your LJ who has deliberately set a book on fire with intent to destroy it.

(Well, technically I destroyed it by tearing the pages out, but then I burned the pages.)
Misha used to do things like burning books, chainsawing them etc in her SF Eye column. They usually deserved it.

I've very occasionally want to throw a book in the garbage, does that count?
Only if you do it from across the room, slam-dunk style.
EDIT: You all have a lot of anger in your lives, don't you?

Have you clambered in DESPAIR through the oblique mindless "phantasies" of Tad Williams (there's a phucking F there, for chrissakes)?

Have you had the Lomborg Experience in Bjorn's own Skeptical Environmentalist?

If just these two examples don't send you into a blood-rage insisting nothing less than the purging of these authors from our collective gene pool, you've never been alive, friend. ;-)
I read the Otherland books and didn't hate them when I was young and impressionable.
Like I just said in the comments there, I tend to fling down rather than throw at. But I think I've pitched a book or two. Can't remember which, though.
I definately remember you discussing throwing a book across the room in your LJ. I suspect it was for blatant wrongness, but I may just be projecting.
It's not about anger, it's about wanting to hurt the bastard for being so bad. To punish it and make it suffer the way reading it is making me suffer.
To punish it and make it suffer the way reading it is making me suffer.

And there's no anger involved in this? :p
I really hate that phrase.
I kind of hate the phrase; over-used.

And the book I threw at the wall was Haywood & Nahmad's A New Arabic Grammar. It wasn't really the book's fault, to be fair, more the general circumstances... but it *was* satisying.
I threw Anne McCaffrey's The Tower and the Hive at the wall in an absolute rage at one point, where the gay character decided that, oh well, if everyone else said he should date the female protagonist, clearly they were right after all.

The novelisation of Buffy's last season (Chosen) was so unutterably and infuriatingly dreadful that it only escaped being mutilated and brutally destroyed as a result of being a library book. And even then I was tempted to pay the fine and kill the dmn thing anyway.

Oh, and I tore out all the pages of my school copy of Wuthering Heights one by one and shredded them individually. It was very satisfying and then I discovered I also had to study it in my first year of college. I shredded that copy when I was done with it, too.
You all have a lot of anger in your lives, don't you

If I could throw the internet acrosss the room, I'd do it in a flash.
I have cast books from my person but I am uncertain as to whether they made contact with the wall. If I threw The Last Witchfinder, I'd probably only get it a few feet.
EDIT: You all have a lot of anger in your lives, don't you?

ITYM there are a lot of shit books in the world. :P
I threw a highly respected textbook on early mediaeval Ireland once when I was a post-doctoral student. Why? Because it was talking utter and complete nationalist b******s in place of thorough research and well-balanced analysis on a subject I knew inside out and backwards (irritated expert syndrome. I can't help it, sorry). It bounced off my office door and made my (fellow Celticist) office mate laugh a lot. Both door and book are fine, I might add.
And I dearly wanted to throw Gossomaer Axe(Gael Baudino) for being Celtic Druidical Princess c**p of the very worst kind, but I didn't, because I value my walls too much.
you need to read more paperbacks. It hurts them more than it hurts you!
This was not done by me but I support the sentiment.

(I have never thrown a book because I have no aim and I might hit something I didn't want to hit with a fast-moving book.)
Ooo - nice! Unfortunately, I couldn't destroy even that book...it's simply too valuable a wind-up. Now that I have no particular loyalty to the copy given me as a gift from a particular Swiss family, I'll be sure to take it with me on my next business trip, and carefully leave it beside or above the Gideon Bible in the hotel room.
I've thrown one book - Lila: An enquiry into morals.

Other than that I've been terribly restrained, and merely failed to finish them.

Oooh, I once ripped a page out of a book, to prove a point. But it didn't have anything important on it.
Tidier than Fwowing up.

(Was it Battlefield Earth that someone shot? And not with a camera)
(Deleted comment)
I've never thrown a book at a wall. My usual cunning plan is to stop reading books that are annoying me before I get to that flash point. I've wanted to throw authors at walls, but then, people annoy far more than inanimate objects ever will.

I'm as surprised as you that I am more calm and rational than most of your flist in this matter. In *any* matter, tbh.
I think people who don't like giving up on books get more annoyed. I do the same as you. Perhaps a bit too freely in my case.
I seem to remember tearing Time Enough for Love in two in a great rage and hurling it at the waste paper basket. Most of the later Heinlein has that effect on me. inamac tells me she used Friday in the litter trays.

I also hurled Earth Abides at the wall - and my brother burned it. (We were very young, and it was so bloody depressing.)

Donaldson is also good for hurling. However, nowadays I rarely buy books that annoy me that much... 50 years of reading SF has made me more adept at spotting things I'd loathe before I use the credit card.
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(Deleted comment)
Well, I once threw a book across a room into a lit fireplace. It was a big room, too.

I've also thrown books into trash cans.
To be fair, the book in question is likely to be somewaht different from the other titles in this poll. I remember so clearly the way it sailed across the room and crashed into the wall, all the frustration of a standard grade I was no good at expressed in one act. For it was my German/English dictionary.
I hope nobody here reads anything onscreen...