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The drums, the drums

The Doctor Who theme tune
Beethoven's Fifth
Something else
It's Bolero.
The episode was complete Bolero, yes.
Horrible photoshop possibilities are now running through my head.
First time with Steve Reich's Drumming?
If it was really Steve Reich, wouldn't he be beating the same measure out of phase with his other hand at the same time?
The 6 O'Clock News
The Day Today!
Dammit, beat me to the poll.
Now, Niall, you should know that the 6/8 rhythm of Doctor Who:

♪ ♪ ♪ ♩.

is completely different from the 5/4 of Mars, the first three notes being a triplet:

which is again different from Beethoven's Fifth, which is in common time with a rest at the beginning:

(Sorry, took a couple of goes to get that right.)
..and Beethoven's Fifth is in 2/4 not common time.
Hey, go tell it to white_hart. :p
I did!
And white_hart will point out that the fact she got grade 4 viola was quite frankly a miracle...
And there was me wondering why there weren't some "and" options in that poll. Now I know (hangs her classically trained head in shame).
You are speaking a strange foreign language that is entirely incomprehensible to me.
Everything needs more wooden sticks!

(Now I have Mars running through my head. Mmmm.)
I don't understand how anyone could think it had anything to do with Holst's Mars, and I don't think it's Beethoven's Fifth either. I think you're absolutely right that the Master's incessant drumming is just the Doctor Who theme tune but if it was going to be something classical, then it would be "Largo al Factotum" from Rossini's The Barber of Seville: the "Figaro" song. Music to build Italian cars by.
I was going with the beat of a Time Lord heart, but it sounds terribly Mills and Boon, so I'll say theme tune despite the fact I picked 'something else'.
I also meant to say hearts not heart.
That's why it's a mistake to get all slushy and romantic about Time Lords: they've already got two hearts beating as one, thank you very much.
Don't even get me started on the slash that was flying about in this episode.
Carmina Burana, actually. If you insist. "O Fortuna" is all about drums...
A Samurai Army is over the next hill? ;-)
The drums in the deep.