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To clarify:

Fake cinnamon flavor: VERY VERY BAD!
Too much cinnamon: BAD!
Just enough cinnamon: GOOD BUT EXTREMELY RARE!

It's really not cinnamon's fault, but the the fault of people who do terrible things with it (much like garlic), but I so rarely encounter cinnamon being used in appropriate quantities that I had to go with overall BAD.
Too much cinnamon = only marginally sufficient.
There are people who say that about garlic, too. I can only conclude that we are of different species.

Ginger, on the other hand...
(Deleted comment)
I am all for cinnamon, garlic and ginger. But probably not all at the same time.
Do you not like Indian food, then?
The garam masala I buy usually tastes predominantly of garlic/cumin/coriander, and you can't realy tell there is cinnamon in there.
There's probably a ton in there--you're just pretending it can't be because you like it.
I like you.
Garam Masala without cinnamon is awful.

I can definately tell the difference :D
I agree with this comment, except for the bit about garlic.
Same here.
I am convinced that it should be possible for "too much garlic" to be a phrase with utility; however, I have yet to encounter a situation wherein it might be used.

(I have been to a garlic party, which featured pickled garlic, garlic chocolate cake (INSUFFICIENTLY GARLICY), garlic ice-cream, but sadly no garlic vodka, because the person in charge of making the garlic vodka drank all the vodka.)
There's a restaurant in Amsterdam called "Garlic Queen" in which every dish contains garlic. Haven't been to it yet (mostly because I have to be around people for the next few days).

A entire roasted head of garlic is their speciality.
I am just about to bake apple & cinnamon scones.
Oooh yes please!
I feel much more warmly towards cinnamon than I do towards the bun delivery form.
(Deleted comment)
If you really want to split the ranks, you should do a Bonus Bonus Poll on licorine/aniseed.

(also, you should split the swimsuit question into "swimsuits on girls" vs. "swinsuits on boys". Science wants to know.)

If you really want to split the ranks, you should do a Bonus Bonus Poll on licorine/aniseed.

But surely nobody in their right mind would say that's GOOD? /pred

(also, you should split the swimsuit question into "swimsuits on girls" vs. "swinsuits on boys". Science wants to know.)

If I was going to do that there would also have to be an option for "swimsuits on me".
You know that rule of social interaction? The one about how you're never supposed to ask people for their frank opinion of you?

(which in no way means that I think you shouldn't post the poll. Just fair warning.)
No, no! "Swimsuits on me" as in "the person who is answering the poll". I have this feeling that a lot of the anti-swimsuit crowd are against swimming costumes for themselves, not necessarily for other people.
Ah, the old LJ poll 1st person/2nd person pronoun confusion.
That may be so, but it still wouldn't explain why they're against swimming costumes for themselves. It's a slippery slope, here... much like a water slide, come to think of it...
But surely nobody in their right mind would say that's GOOD?

Next you'll be saying that you don't like dandelion and burdock!

(and yes, both licorice and aniseed are good, preferably together in an alcoholic tincture)
Licorice GOOD!
Aniseed BAD!
Sorry, but licorice, aniseed and fennel all GOOD! Except I can't eat very sweet licorice-flavoured stuff anymore (pontefract cakes, for example) - too sickly.

I won't even mention Pernod...
Pernod, Pastis, Ricard, Ouzo all VERY VERY BAD!
Sounds like the voice of experience...

I used to be an absolute fiend for Pernod when I was in my (late) teens, but I tend not to drink it often these days - though there is always a bottle in the house!
No, man, that's the voice of unconsciounable prejudice speaking there.
Mmmm. Pernod.

Shame I've already got a beer open.
Pernod, Pastis, Ricard, Ouzo, Raki, Arak, Sambuca, Becherovka, Absinthe all VERY VERY GOOD! (with enough water and hot weather).

Raki doesn't really taste of aniseed though (well not the stuff I've had).
Hmm...what was your Raki-water-ice combination? Raki does tend to be milder, but I can certainly taste the anise in it.
I had no ice in my raki. If it had tasted of aniseed, my mum wouldn't have bought it.
Yes, but Absinthe is of the good.
For once, we agree on beverages.
At least you got that right. But Licorice BAD, Aniseed GOOD, obvs.
Cinnamon bad.

Garlic awesome.

Ginger good.
For some reason, cinnamon candies are always hot. Which is bad and wrong. Cinnamon on toast, or in Indian food, or in my Tunisian stew with raisins, is good and right.

Also, things like strawberry-apple pies benefit greatly from cinnamon, as you would be able to find out in person if only you were less than 3000 miles from my kitchen.

(buymeaclue and yhlee can testify!!)
Which reminds me that tamarind candies are yummy as I found out recently. Also duck and tamarind dishes...
Be sure to seek out "Haw Flakes" from your nearest Chinese shop. They're yummy!
Ohhhh... Tamarind.... YUM
hmmm - hot toast, butter and cinnamon!
Cinnamon tictacs = GOOD. Must get someone to send me a care package again.
Have you not tried the Cinnamon Altoids?