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I eschew the Doctor Who news everyone's posted a bajillion times anyway, in favour of a poll about Battlestar Galactica, inspired by a courageously positive view of the show (relative to almost everyone else I've spoken to about it, anyway) seen on my friendslist.

I ...

... have never watched the reimagined Battlestar Galactica
... used to watch the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, but gave up
... have watched the reimagined Battlestar Galactica from the start
... have recently got into the reimagined Battlestar Galactica
... am a snowflake

Season one


Season two


Season three


Season four


Best moment of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica?

Worst moment of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica?

The remaining episodes will be ...

Just bad
Something else
First, that link is to a locked post. So.

Second, I think that over all, the show has been good, although it's had some serious lapses in quality along the way. Season 4 has been very uneven, although the last few episodes have been excellent.

I hope they continue to keep up the quality so the show ends on a high note and not a pfffft.
First, that link is to a locked post. So.

D'oh! I thought his Galactica posts were public. (It's basically just saying how great S4 is.)
I am amused that you and musesfool have the exact same best/worst moments.

For my part, I couldn't even answer the first question accurately (I haven't watched from the beginning; I caught up after the first season), but I picked the closest choice. And then evaluating the seasons was hard because only the first one was an unqualified GOOD! I thought the second half of the second season was where the show first started slipping, but I gave it a GOOD! overall. And the third season was not entirely BAD! but it had quite a bit of badness to it. And the fourth season is finally picking up, so it's hard to evaluate. I gave it a tentative BAD! based on the majority not being interesting. I hope the show goes out strong too.
Likewise I loved the show until mid-season 2, and the show has only intermittently impressed me since then. I've actually enjoyed S4 to date, partly due to low expectations, but partly due to its pleasingly serialised nature. No more hackneyed plot-of-the-week episodes in which Lee becomes a P.I.
Well, I started watching BG last night so I'll tell you after I've watched more then the mini series what I think!
I found that I didn't sympathize with any of the major characters. And most of the minor characters I liked either a) didn't have a large enough role or b) got screwed up along the way.
That was my experience also.
One of the things I like about the show (and there are many I dislike) is its willingness to make its main characters unlikeable to varying degrees.
I would rate the series as a whole as Excellent - it has had moments of lameness, but also moments of sheer brilliance. On the whole, the quality has been high and I've been following it episode by episode as it airs in the States.

In its lame moments (early Season 4 e.g.) I have been tempted to give up on it, but have come back and found more to like about it after it gets over itself.

It's the only recent sf show to have hooked me to the point of being determined to watch every week. Doctor Who I can take or leave, it's bubblegum TV at best. Torchwood was reprehensible garbage. Heroes I found turgid, tedious and up itself... and so on :)
Confusing! is the word for Season 4, I am up to date with the US and don't understand a lot of what's happening. It used to make a lot more sense than this. Everyone has a secret agenda, which I don't mind, but it's easier for the audience if they at least get a hint of what it is.
Hmm. If people who *liked* the first season, which I found pretty deeply Teh Suck, the response to the later seasons suggests I don't need to go back and revisit the later part of the series. Yikes.
I reject your poll entirely.




Your ideas intrigue me, sir, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
As i pointed out at the time, it's not a rural accent, it's a Sheffield accent.

-- tom
And now you're claiming Sheffield isn't rural. Who are you and what have you done with Tom?
I know my brane is a bit mushy at the moment, and I get mild stress dyslexia. But that is no excuse for misreading "Lee's metaphorical lake of manpain" as "Lee's metaphorical lake of marzipan".

I now have to go clean up, I have a mental image of Lee swimming naked in a pool of gently melting apricot jam with marzipan-bergs, while nibbling on a piece of Battenburg. And dark chocolate sauce to follow.
That would have been so much better!
I see many of us remain deeply scarred by S2's Lee arc.
The season two question should obviously be broken into the season's first and second halves.
That's what makes it so tricky. But in the end I fell on the BAD side, because there are more sucky episodes than non-sucky ones, and because it's in that season that the show goes south.
Whereas I fell on the GOOD side because I'm a fluffy person who is kind to kittens.
In which case you clearly shouldn't be watching BSG. I shudder to think what that show would do to a kitten.
I'm thinking there would be an airlock involved.
It may sound like I have an Admiral Cain obsession. Actually, she was the only character on the show I found interesting or wanted to see more of, with occasional exceptions for Starbuck.

I thought the pacing, the atmosphere and the technical side were superb, but the setting was cardboard, the characters unpleasant and contrived, and it was impossible to care enough about any of them to keep watching after the middle of season 2. Also, Baltar. I have no idea why I lasted that long.

I think if they'd come up with their own idea rather than trying to reinvent someone else's, it would have been a great deal better. Interestingly, the computer game Homeworld was originally going to be a BSG game, but they didn't get permission to use the franchise. So they made up their own version of the same basic story, troubled to actually create a consistent and fleshed-out universe with its own atmosphere, and the result was considerably more impressive. I'd certainly try an original show from Ron Moore and co; it's a shame they didn't try something a little more inventive.
Maybe they should do a film/TV series of Homeworld. Game spinoff movies are generally excellent, after all.


-- tom
Right on, Commander!
My Big Theory Of How BSG Could Have Been (Even) Better would have been to say "OK, ten or so episodes worked well for the first season, so stick with that." Lose the padding either side of the Pegasus/Cain mini-arc in S2, or pretty much most of S3 between the escape from New Caprica and Baltar's trial, and you'd have a taut, tense show with no embarrassing sagging bits.

As far as I'm concerned, as of S4E07, BSG is rivalling B5 at its best (i.e. mid-S2 to late S3); I just hope the writers can sustain it.
The only good thing about BSG is that it is not Doctor Who.
Wait, was there double nudity in the later seasons?
You mean there's double nudity in Doctor Who?
You know, I find you to be an absolute righthead alarmingly often.
For all the things that I loathed, I generally came back around to a 'they used that pretty well, considering.'

I have not seen nearly enough of the third season (or the fourth) to stand by any opinion of the season as a whole. I still think it's among the best tv ever produced.

- hg