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It's that time of year again: Strange Horizons' annual fund drive is on! As you know, Bob, Strange Horizons is a weekly online magazine of and about speculative fiction. It's been going for nearly eight years now, staffed entirely by volunteers (including me) but paying professional rates to contributors, and is dependent on donations from its readers to keep going. Check out some of the fiction, columns, poetry, artwork, and of course reviews to see what the site is about, if you don't already know.

This year there's a shiny new SH blog to track the fund drive progress -- for which you can add the RSS feed or livejournal feed. Exciting revelations so far include the fact that this year there aren't just prizes for donating, but prizes for mentioning (and linking to) the fund drive. Each week, one person who's linked to the fund drive will win a special prize; the first prize is a set of Ellen Datlow/Terri Windling-edited fairy tale anthologies. So, go forth and spread the word!
(Deleted comment)
I think I was due a mug which never arrived as well.

Niall, do you know how they will find out who pimped the fund drive on their blog? Do I have to email/comment, or is it going off google hits or something?
I'd assumed they'd be checking web logs to see where they get the most referrals from, or something along those lines.
Yep, safely received, though I'm afraid I won't have time to look at it until Sunday.
Sorry about the mugs that never arrived! I've talked to the people who run the fund drive, and they say that all remaining mugs should be shipped next week. (We had some trouble re-ordering a new batch of mugs, but it's finally been sorted out.)
(Deleted comment)
I prefer Martin's approach.
Niall is an unpaid volunteer. Sucker!
prizes for mentioning (and linking to) the fund drive

No wonder I've seen posts all over my friendspage about it :-p