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To explain my earlier entry somewhat: This weekend was Caption, the Oxford Union-based small-press comics convention run by tinyjo, oxfordhacker, truecatachresis and squigglyruth. For the third or fourth year running, I (along with Mike, Tom, elleblue, greengolux and others) had volunteered to help out in a gofer-type capacity. In previous years, this has been a pretty cushy gig; move a few boxes around in the morning and evening, spend the day sitting behind the Caption stall reading comics. Not this year, however! No, this year, thanks to a cock-up on the part of the Union when booking the event, the con was split across several sites. OK, so it wasn't like the alternative site (Northgate Hall, hotspot of the Oxford LGB scene and aforementioned gay bar) was exactly miles away; in fact, it was only just across the road. Even so, however, there was appreciably more lifting and carrying than normal, as stalls and exhibitions shifted location across the two days. This year, I had to work for my keep!

Fortunately, all of the above affected the con, and my enjoyment thereof, only minimally. In fact, it was one of the best programmes I've seen so far; Carla Speed McNeil (on her first visit to a European con) was excellent value, and Bryan Talbot was (according to reports) equally good. The annual workshop run by cleanskies was as fun and frenetic as ever; this year, I even drew a whole page all by myself. They're going to be scanned in and webbified, so I was going to run a poll a get people to guess which page...but snowking has already given the game away. All this, and some extraordinarily nice vanilla-flavoured candy floss, too.

As to the aforementioned cookbook, well, various people have been recommending Nigel Slater to me as a place to start in my quest for cooking know-how. I bought Appetite, and it seems to be exactly what I want, so far. The first 100 pages are a detailed guide to the basics of cooking - lists of what flavours go with what, how to perform basic cookery operations and so on. I'm looking forward to getting stuck in.

Also: As I blearily woke up this morning, I could have sworn I heard them say on the radio that the Vatican was backing GM food. Haven't had a chance to look at the news properly today - did anyone else hear this?
Oi. I never said what page it was. I just gave away the story.
This one perhaps?



It seems to be the personal opinion of an Archbishop rather than an official Vatican position. Moreover, the dearth of comment would suggest this is a sidecomment probably blown larger than initially intended.

Vatican article found via Google.

Google is God
Google Exists

oh nevermind. ;-p