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Spotted by one of my colleagues at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention: My Therapy Buddy.

MTB is a transitional object, in the form of a personal companion primarily designed for the internalization of various maternal-like functions which are considered to be the building blocks of our psychic structure. It’s a wonderfully soft and huggable friend that offers great tactile contact, and provides soothing and comforting words which are beneficial to one’s emotional well being.

I'm torn between laughing and wanting one.
Wait ... you mean it talks ?? OMG ...
Why, yes. Yes, it does. It tells you that everything's going to be ok. In calming tones.
I know it's wrong, but somehow, just knowing that is enough to make me wonder how flammable it is ...
I saw this on American Inventor. Thats what made me search. If it wasnt 70 bucks i would order it!
I saw this on American Inventor and I want one!!!
I thought the panel missed the boat on this! I'll bet my friends on antidepressants would love this. I don't know if it would reduce the need for meds, but it sure would give them a laugh!! (And That's o.k.) LOL
I'm waiting for the cheaper, smaller version.
I totally agree, 20 or 30 bucks is good but 70 bucks is nuts; the toy is cute and cool looking.
The price went down to 50 bucks. My boyfriend got me one and I love it
I saw the therapy buddy on american inventor. At first I didn't know what to think, then he hit the button and it talked. It was so funny,probably the best thing I've seen in a while!!!!! I love it! I am soooooo getting one! I hope this guy sells a million of them. I also can't believe the judges didn't put him through!
My parents drove down from Scotland with my stuff yesterday. I have my soft toys back. But I no longer have a monitor for them to perch on. :/

I have a Dogbert and a Ray Kalwaski (the one eyed monster from Monsters Inc) in my study.
That's a Mike Wachowski you have, unless there's a spiky haired Chicago cop in your study.
Stop paying undue attention to Stewart's one eyed monster.

Also, that's a raichu, not a pikachu.
... Do they coddle their enemies to death?
I understand the concept but the that thing just looks wrong.

That's truly hideous.
Is this for people who weren't given plush teddy bears when they were children?

Or, as with the fashion fad return of adult-sized baby suckers, this is a return to infantalist fashion?

I feel the same way. Last night on American Inventor, the guy who makes these walked in carrying one. I was ready to watch him go down in flames to the judges. He did do so, but before he did, he pressed the sound button and the buddy said 'Everything is going to be all right.'

I wanted one immediately.

Did you get one?
I saw it to but it's 70 bucks. I'm not buying.
If you think about it it's not worth 70 bucks. BUt I do think its a great invention. Its great for people who have had a bad day or something terrible has happend to them. He got burned by the judges, because nothing bad ever happens to them. I would love to get one of these.
I am so glad to read that I'm not the only one who totally wants a Therapy Buddy!!! I think everyone missed the point! The inventor knows how goofy it is and that everyone will want one for its kitsch value. He's just a damn good actor. The hugging and squeezing his "Buddy" was just too well-timed!!!!!!!
I LOVE it!
I wish it were more affordable- I'd get one for everyone I know!
I Found My Therapy Buddy on Amazon.com for $39.95 and they have the Baby My Therapy Buddy for $24.95

I laughed,therefore I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I believe this thing has "unintended qualities" The guy who thought this up is a genius, albeit in his unconscious mind.
OMFG once i saw it on America nInventor i screamed and i knew i wanted it when i herd it talk..i dont care if its 100000 bucks im buying one...I LOVE IT..im driving my parents crazy
I seen this on American Inventor last week. I was suprized the reaction it got from the judges....I want one....are they for sale????
I am buying one because it is the funniest looking thing every. And it talks - how awesome is that. I am going to call mine "My Drinking Buddy". So when I am hammered - he can tell me that I am ok - sweet
I know the guy who invented this had good intentions, and the idea is a good one, but what throws me off is HOW Therapy Buddy says, "Everything is going to be all right." It says it in tones that are completely NOT soothing and it doesn't make me feel like everything's going to be all right. I think maybe if they recorded it again in a way that sounds more like natural human speech, I might go for it. If everything's going to be all right, then why does Therapy Buddy tell you that in such a frightening way?
Of course, there is no point to this item, and it's not an invention... it's a craft. However, it is now a marketable item due to it's cult status. There are many directions this can go, but no matter what, My Therapy Buddy will be a success. First of all, the American Inventor show featured him twice. This has now become a heartwarming story instead of a joke. But the key here is the show. If this item were just to pop-up on Wal-Mart shelves (and it will) without the show, no one would buy it. But, now with the story behind it, and the rocketing to cult status, even I want a Therapy Buddy, just to say I have one. This is Beanie Baby 101, and whoever gives them a contract will make a huge short-term profit. And the "inventor", at 61 years old, will soon be "vindicated". I look forward to seeing and supporting the upcoming phenomenon.
I really just want the sound clip, so we can play it over the intercom every half hour where I work to reinsure someone in need of Therapy that works there. You really got to have something seriously wrong with you to buy this thing. And to all you guys who are seriously thinking about purchasing this thing, I guess all I can say is that your blow up doll will have a new friend.

how stupid is this thing anyways
I saw this on American Inventor and wanted one immediately. Its just amazingly soft and cuddly and there is only two disappointments about it. 1). It costs like, $70.00
2). The voice can be kinda frightening if you are in the dark

But besides that I am gonna save up to get one. The judges really made a mistake and I hope to see this product on the shelves of all the stores!
try here for uk information:

It's very difficult to record a whisper, and an 8bit, 11khz audio chip with a 2 inch speaker can't reproduce lows or highs properly. I'm sure the first prototype was inaudible. Now imagine the recording engineer telling the voice talent, 'This time try it louder, slower and enunciate more'
An amazing fail and I really want one.