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I suppose I should mention this:
Cult science fiction series Doctor Who is returning to to TV, 14 years after it was axed.

The much-awaited comeback will be written by acclaimed TV dramatist Russell T Davies - a self-confessed fan.

They're talking about a series airing in 2005. I'm conflicted. Frankly, I couldn't care less about new Who - but after The Second Coming, I'm very interested in seeing whatever Russell T Davies does next. I'd rather it was an original work, but I'll take what I can get.
You = suck


Will probably come to naught anyway - until they announce actors and a budget I will remain sceptical.
No real opinion on Doctor Who, as am indifferent to the corny old show, but needed to LJ comment on something, somewhere.
I'm not going to enable you in your addiction!
Oh, go on.
YOu just have.
Well, no more!
Too late.
CONTINUE!</electric six>
Now I'm going to have that stuck in my head...
This is superb - Davis wrote quite possibly the single best New Adventure, as well as stuff like Dark Season and Century Falls. Of all the people who were making bids to try to bring Who back, I can't think of anyone other than Davis or Mark Gatiss I'd like to have doing it - and if Davis can get Gatiss on board, I'll be in squeeing little fanboy heaven.
I'll be in squeeing little fanboy heaven.

That's not something I ever need to see.
Most of the Who fans I know are VERY happy about this news... but as has been said, I wait to see who they will cast, and how much money will be thrown at it...