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Carnivale hasn't been renewed for a second season yet. HBO are asking for people's opinions about the show. Go and tell 'em what you think of it.
I am yet to see such a show.

What do I think about it?
It's great. I'm sure someone will be able to supply you; I would, but my copies have just gone to greengolux, and will shortly thereafter be travelling to truecatachresis.
You love it's black humour and creeping dread.
Any apostrophe you might chance upon there is a figment of your own imagination.
Ooh, sounds nice.

Any pretty ladies?
I like Clea DuVall. But not for everyone I suspect.

Carla Gallo does some topless dancing.
Although the pictures on the site are terrible, in the actual show I reckon Rita Sue is the best kind of naked. Could just be me.
Knew I recognised that DuVall from somewhere.

It's from these two films.
<troll> She needs a wash </troll>
Well, I just answered truthfully (i.e. the show rocks) except the last question, which I lied about - "do you subscribe to HBO?". I suspect a lot of people will be doing the same :)
Earlier today I went and filled out the questionaire, being extremely complementary of course. Hope they get the hint.

Clea DuVall. Yes.

My friends page hates your journal. Sometimes your entries are slow to show up on my friends page, and, more often, the comment numbering function fails to register the correct number of comments, and/or not all the comments show up when I follow the link from my friends page. To make sure I can see all the comments I have to visit your journal and view them from there. This only happens to your journal, and has been going on for several months. I am bemused.
My friends page hates your journal. [...] the comment numbering function fails to register the correct number of comments

Dammit. I'd been hoping that was just me. I've been having that exact problem for a while now - I still get emails about every comment posted, but often they don't show up for days. The only thing I can think of (since I haven't noticed it on anybody else's journal) is that it's something to do with the style I'm using. :-/