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Watching The American President having watched four-and-some seasons of The West Wing is a profoundly weird experience.
Isn't it, though? We rented it a while back and the whole experiences was quite bizarre. I can't decide whether the weirdest bit about it was the Alison Janney or the Martin Sheen character.
It was like West Wing from an alternate universe...except that West Wing is already an alternate universe. The funny thing is, I think the TV cast is better than the film cast. Particularly Michael Douglas, who still manages to seem sleazy. Ick.
I know. I loved The American President but that was despite Michael Douglas rather than because of him.
Yes it is.

Especially when lines come back and remind you of things from The West Wing. And then there are the actors in the wrong roles...
There was an episode of Farscape where the characters all got shuffled around, mixing up personalities and appearances. This was just like that. Except set in the white house, and with less actual muppets. :)
Frankly, the only White House experience stranger, is to have the longevity of seeing the same faces, years later, in various new political roles as fortunes (and loyalties) shift between the parties.