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As reported by Paoli du Flippi:
"Ladies and gentlemen, I won't speak more than a minute. I just want to say that I'm very proud to stand before you today to launch this particular magazine. Never before in my long and illustrious career have I been so excited about a new magazine as I am about this one. It promises to revolutionize the literary world. But exciting as the core concept is, it would be nothing without two very important and talented people at the helm. Without further ado, I give you the two co-editors of Inside/Outside magazine — Margaret Atwood and Jonathan Lethem!"

Now read the whole article. Me, I'm sitting here giggling like a fool. But you know what? If it existed, I'd subscribe. :-D
I'll be tittering about this all day.
"to commit speculative fiction" - great phrase!
Between this and the news that Tina Brown is taking over as editor of Asimov's, there's hope for the genre yet.