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The Today Programme is right now doing a piece about how the theme tune of The Archers needs to be updated (by Brian Eno!) to bring the show into the 21st century. Odds that this is an April Fools piece? Pretty high, I'd say. :)

EDIT: It's on their website here.

And Livejournal's attempt is here, I suspect. Well, that and changing everyone's 'friends/friends of' to 'stalking/stalked by'...

Anyone spotted any others?

EDIT: Google is recruiting for its lunar hosting and research centre. Their new goal is to "organize all the useful information in the universe and serve it to you on a lightly salted cracker." Shame the pictures appear to be broken, though. (via sbisson)

And Locus has a whole suite, including 'Hugo Awards to be Renamed, Constant Winners Retired' and 'Justice Department to Form National Book Club' (the others are listed as links down the side). Actually, the best is the mega-sharecrop one:
When asked to share their thoughts about such an enterprise, author response varied significantly.

M. John Harrison said, "We all die alone and without love. Soon enough, I'll be lying in a coffin, friendless and dead, and then eventually, too, the universe will collapse in on itself and become a heap of ash. So why should I resist the pull of corruption any longer? Considering how grim it all is, I'll put in monkey lovin' if they want that. And a cat. Can't forget the cat."
China Mieville replied via email as follows:

Three worlds for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One New Weird to rule them all.

When reached for comment, Michael Moorcock said only, "It's all part of the Multiverse, pardner, so all I have to do is sit back and let the royalty checks come in."

MORE: The true fate of Beagle 2 (via peteyoung).
Did you catch the bit about the chickens and the atomic bomb? On about 8.55 I think....

Any good ones online anywhere that people have spotted?
I did (and it's here), but I'm not convinced it was a Fool, on the basis that the Archers one so obviously is and I don't think they'd do two.

Also, I'm assuming Gmail is real.
The chickens one is actually real.

BMW have an amusing ad in the paper about their new SHEF technology which allows you to control your microwave via your car via GPS.

Ganymede and Titan reckon they have exclusive footage of the new Remastered series IV of Red Dwarf.

Planet-F1.com usually have a good one, but there's nothing there yet, disappointingly.

This leads me to think that GMail is real, since BBC report it but also have this. And I'm sure this can't be real...
Between this and the nuclear chicken bombs, it could just be that the beeb has been storing up all the weird-ass stories to use as a smokescreen. :)
Radio Merseyside has a story that Chester is going to move to "one-way pedestrianisation". There will be 20 walking enforces, a warning system, and fines of up to £20 for walking the wrong way on the pavement.

Y'know, I'd actually support that. Particularly if they also had fast and slow lanes. :-)
And tall and short lanes when it is raining?
I like your thinking.
It's nice to see that the crew at Locus reads Revolution Science Fiction, especially after Whitley Streiber won that special Hugo in 2002...