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Part Four of the epic flash retelling of the Mario Brothers story is out. If anyone hasn't seen the earlier installments, prod me and I'll dig the links out; it's worth it for the battle scene in part two alone.

Gabe Chouinard details the new critical idiom. I liked 'cryptonomicanon: Neal Stephenson's backlist.'

Richard Dawkins gives advice to aspiring science writers: "No scientist has won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Why not? I suspect that it simply hasn't occurred to the judges. "Literature" automatically conjures "novelist", or "poet". Yet, could there be a better subject for great literature than the spacetime fabric of the universe? Or than the evolution of life? Or than Sherrington's enchanted loom of the brain? At very least it is not obvious why fiction should make greater literature than reality. And science is the study of the real world. Nobel Prize for Literature? Now there's a life's challenge for the aspiring science writer."

applez, I demand you watch this miniseries about a West Coast earthquake, which 'isn't science fiction. it's just fiction,' and report back! Meanwhile, at the Nature website, there's an interview with the screenwriter of cloning-thriller Godsend. He's happy to say it's science fiction, but the film doesn't sound good.

And finally, Margaret Atwood has been known to watch 'peculiar science fiction films'. Also, Legally Blonde.
10.5 *must* be fiction, it's got Kim Delaney in the lead... :D
Re: 10.5 I will comply, if I have a TV with which to view it. Presently, it is buried under dusty things.

Re: Margaret Atwood ... she does seem to have a penchant for stone-turning, but I rather like this bit...

"Among the reams written about you and your work by academics and students, have you found anything insightful or interesting? Clare Shannon, by e-mail

Such material is the Medusa's head. Look at it and you turn to stone. I'm glad it keeps people busily employed and off the streets, but I don't have to read it."

Re: Godsend does look like crap, that's why I haven't bothered mentioning it in my LJ or elsewhere. Interestingly enough, apparently the show's promotional website has received some attention and criticism for people thinking it is a genuine service, and inquiring for more information and pricing.

Untapped market my friends, untapped market.
Thank you for mentioning the Mario Bros series! I had forgotten the link.

Yes, that battle scene (set to the LOTR Lux Aeterna remix, right?) is delicious.

I can hardly wait to view the new one!
LOTR Lux Aeterna remix

Well, I know it's the music to Requiem for a Dream, if that helps...



"Only the stockings don't run"

And the seated man is absent ... this must truly be shyte. ;-)

I'd watch it, if I had a TV, but I'd probably switch it off 0.1 through it, to read more of the increasingly good Perdido Street Station
*prods Niall*

I'm interested in the links for the previous Mario Brothers movies. Cheers! :)
Part I, part II, and part III.