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French writer disciplined for writing a book about slacking off. I like the chapter headings.

Some casting tidbits for the second season of Carnivale.

A couple more I, Robot pieces: Robyn Asimov says it's ok, and this article is either, depending on how cynical you are, hopelessly rose-tinted or making a case for the film not being a complete loss.

The people you find at cons...

I have a Google news alert set up to search for 'Stephen Baxter'. I'm not ashamed of this, although sometimes I think Google has already learnt how to search parallel universes.

Most recently read: 'Volunteers' by Alex Irvine. A future history from the point of view of a teenage boy prone to digression, and to just plain telling things in the wrong order. More interesting than engaging, I found, but it makes some nice points about the costs and reasons for personal sacrifice, with the protagonist at one extreme, and (most of) the colonists around him at the other.
Your Baxter parallel universe made me do several double takes...

'Police closed Route 30 as the Bush convoy sped by.


Medill News Service

Saturday, July 10, 2004

William Gibson had not planned to watch President Bush's motorcade pass by on Route 30 Friday afternoon...'

Not only Baxter but Gibson too! Are all SF writers appearing in some private news story universe of their own? Enquiring minds want to know!
I'm just entertained by the idea of William Gibson...in a truck! :-)
I know! Seems like he should have something more futuristic...
Don't tell pikelet ;-)
Are all SF writers appearing in some private news story universe of their own?

Oh, I really hope so. :)

I keep thinking that the line you quoted should be the start of an alternate-history short story!
I like, I like! :-)
The discerning observer will note the distinction in use between 'sci-fi' and 'speculative fiction'. ;-)
Indeed, but I wasn't going to give it away! Shame on you. :-p
New journal layout?

Or have I just not looked direct?
Newish - it's been like this for a couple of weeks. Although also, I keep switching the comments link box from side to side, so that might make it look different.
Just me not looking then.
'Volunteers' by Alex Irvine

I've just finished reading that. I liked it, and found it quite engaging - were it not, I wouldn't have finished it, reading fiction on the computer doesn't come naturally to me. Parts of the story put me in mind of Cordwainer Smith, but only parts.

Call me cynical if you must, but I'm still not convinced of the merits of the I, Robot film.
I must admit, I normally print out SCIFICTION stories when I read them...particularly the longer ones. Being stuck at home without a printer forced my hand, though. :)

Star Fraction for 30p at WHSmith?!?
WH Smiths had a sale of insanity a couple of months ago. I saw a few interesting SF books with various prices under a pound but I had them all already. Doh.
Yeah, as Andrew said, they had a crazy sale a little while back. I picked up John Updike's Toward the End of Time (Blurb: 'It is the year 2020. America has recently experienced a war with China, and social chaos and protection-racketeering prevail. Ben Turnbull, retired investment adviser, nestled in his big, old home north of Boston, nevertheless retains many of the comforts of life, as supervised by his vivacious second wife, Gloria'...it's sf by John Updike!) for a similar price.
It's barely (and maybe even pointlessly) sf and didn't encourage me to read more Updike.