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OK, go with me on this one:

Hamsters are cool, yes? Yes.

Giant battle robots are cool, yes? Yes.

But do you know what's even cooler than hamsters and giant battle robots?

Hamsters riding in giant hamster-shaped battle robots, that's what.

This post is dedicated jointly to brassyn and snowking. Obviously. :)

[via chromewaves_net]
Look! He comes in orange too! WITH A DRILL!
And a "villian" with a big ass hammer!
Someone needs to make icons out of these.
Done :)
Grabber hand beats drill. ;-)
While grabber hand may be more useful in many situations, a drill would be excellent for piercing heavily armoured robots and wreaking havoc within!

Although I have a deep faith that giant robots are best armed with giant robot hands* to giant robot punch with. Giant robot weapons can then be held. See Evangelion and the building sized guns.

*Excluding the Iron Giant's BattleMode here as it's TOO AWESOME.
Technically the Evas weren't robots. ;-)

And say what one will of giant-sized weaponry and tools, you're gonna need teeth once you're through the AT field, how else will you integrate the S2 engine? :-p
Eva's = bio-robots!
No, a better synonym for Evas would be the Zentraedi. ;-)
The pilots weren't pilots so much as they were fuel (fueled on innocence?), besides doubling as an enabler for possible rapid Eva evolution.
giant nekkid robot eva's?
Am scared now ...

(backing away slowly)
These all come from the Panda-Z anime, which is a homage to Go (Devil Man) Nagai's Mazinger-Z anime which was one of the first giant-robot-with-a-human-pilot type. I haven't actually seen any Mazinger-Z, but the Panda-Z anime is hilarious. I didn't know that toys were available.


I have all of the fan-subbed episodes if anyone is interested.
best thing ever!

Are those little hamster ear defenders on his hat, or is it a little hamster welding mask? Either way, cute!
Sooooo cuuuuuute!

Sooooo deadly!
More ridiculous Japanese merchandise.