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On the train back from London last night, I finished reading the first issue of Meta--which, as I'm sure you're all fully aware, is the long-awaited (no, really) fanzine from the Third Row. Featuring!

And damn fine it all is too, even if I am a contributer. Mad props to greengolux for prodding us all until we write things, and for editing them into shape once we've written them. Copies should be available at the Tun tomorrow, or in Oxford on Saturday, or via Royal Mail at some point soon. You know you want one.
Hmm, I'd be curious to read that.
I think that can be arranged. :)
Did you just say "props", Niall? Go back to your Horlicks and slippers, old man. :p

Well done Geneva for actually making us write a fanzine, though.
Hey! I don't drink Horlicks, dammit.

Well done Geneva for actually making us write a fanzine, though.

The only downside is that now she might expect us to write another one.
You know you want one.

Well, yes. I know I do ...
And I know I do too. :-)
Whenever I see your articles, I wonder how I would review any of the books that I have read recently. The first thing I then realize is that I don't get around to doing much reading anymore (*shamefaced*), and the second thing is that my reviews would rarely go beyond two sentences: "Prince of Ayodhya - Don't read. Author makes characters talk in an annoying fashion and lets them use abbreviations as part of everyday speech."
And that would be a long one. Most of the others would be "Nice" and "Rubbish".
I think short reviews are allowed as well. We're not all as verbose as Niall is, and my reviews usually stutter to a halt after a couple of paragraphs.
Send a copy in any format possibly before 19 December?
I can send one out to you as soon as possible, but I'm not sure whether it'll be guaranteed to get to you by the 19th.
There's a contribution from me? Are you sure? Wow, I need to read this.
You contributed to the discussion about I, Robot that I turned into a mangled piece of text. And I believe you came up with several dishes on the 'Last and First Menu' (not to mention the name of the menu itself).
I would love a copy please if you guys could spare one :)
Almost certainly, but really requests should go to Geneva ...
I wouldn't mind one. I'm interested to see what you guys have come up with. :)
I've read it :-)

OK, not *all* of it, quite yet, but most of it. It's good. Very good. Am madly impressed with my friends, and more than a little jealous of their writing/critiquing/reviewing/whatever abilities.
And, um, will it be at the ton...?

If you can find three other fans who agree unreservedly that that's the canonical spelling, I'll change it. :-p