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I have a flat! After some wrangling, my offer has been accepted, and everything is moving forward. It's a top-floor one-bedroom flat in an older house. And it has an amazing view.

/me does the dance of joy.
Ooh, congrats :)

I just hope you have better luck than I have so far with all the paperwork and legal stuff!

Where is it?
Central Maidenhead, in the area around the top of Castle Hill. I decided I could stand living in this area for the next two or three years. After that, I'm going to look towards moving in an Oxford direction, almost certainly.
Cool! I have a friend/colleague who's staying in that area. It's nice, very convenient!
Yay! Any piccies?
Sadly not. Off the market = off the web.

I really must get a digital camera, before I have to start living like a monk.
May I be the first to say: HOUSEWARMING PARTY!

Ahem. Well done. Now you better hope you don't get the nice job in Oxford :)
May I be the first to say: HOUSEWARMING PARTY!

No. You got beaten by a text message.
Huzzah! Say....when your dilapidated place starts crumbling around your ears can I laugh from my palace of modernity?

Now you can spend the next few months on the phone to your solicitor receiving numerous long complex excuses about why it's taking so long. Or maybe that was just me.

Pictures will definitely be requisite.

Nice views are good, but heat is better I find...

Hopefully it's in a nice quiet neighbourhood too eh.

Hopefully it's in a nice quiet neighbourhood

It is. It's almost perfect, location-wise. Heck, it is perfect. Which is why it's so damn expensive...
Pah! It can't match my sunny (okay, it raining now), progressive (read motorway noise), San Francisco house! ;-p (/envy)

(right now, I'm combating lack of sleep, which makes a room with a view of a staircase and a pond of such quiet v. tempting and suggestive right now)

(oh, and yes, that was an Eddie Izzard reference if you're scratching your scalp...exposed more friends to his brilliance this weekend last)


\o\ /o\ \o/ /o\ /o/
Lucky bastard! I console myself with the thought that I couldn't keep Cassie in a top floor flat anyhow :) And you have to have a housewarming.

Is this the same one you showed us the picture of the other day or no?