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Books bought:

A Celebration of British Science Fiction (aka Foundation 93)
Tumbling After by Paul Witcover
Pattern Recognition by William Gibson
Sarah Canary by Karen Joy Fowler
Infinity Plus One
Mutants by Armand Marie Leroi

The last of those is the book that won the Guardian First Book award for 2004. I've been meaning to pick up a copy, and seeing as how he was the George Hay Memorial Lecturer this afternoon it seemed like a good time. He's a fine speaker, one of those able to communicate science, and the human implications thereof, to a general audience. And he pointed out the fluidity of biology, which is something I always appreciate; pointed out that we are all mutants, for non-trivial values of mutant. In fact, he even pointed out that Liz' mutant power is ultra-flexible clavicles.

Minor disappointments: no Waldrop books that I can find, the food is poor, and the Delorian never showed up. On the upside, there's an audience-participation Richard III going on in front of me right now, and this evening brings Doctor Who and AWARDS. :-)
no Waldrop books that I can find

oh! I found that waldrop - so send me your addy when you get back and I will mail to you.
When Andrew linked me to the webpage I was very jealous of the audience participation Richard III - Andrew was not so excited :p.

(I've seen the De Lorean .Well, one of them. I think it was BTTF2. It's outside the BTTF ride at Universal).
I gather Mr Fforde introduced the Richard III personally. History does not record his reactions thereafter. :)

Am extremely jealous about the Delorean.
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you can sigh all you want, but I bet that you'd loathe Universal if you went there :p
This is almost certainly true. :)
Your loss, it's great fun :D

Especially the Mummy ride. (the BTTF one is pretty good too)