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Best Novel

The Algebraist
Iron Council
Iron Sunrise
Jonathan Strange
River of Gods



The Concrete Jungle
Sergeant Chip
Time Ablaze
Winterfair Gifts

Best Novelette

Biographical Notes ...
The Clapping Hands of God
The Faery Handbag
The People of Sand and Slag
The Voluntary State

Incredible category!

Best Short

The Best Christmas Ever
A Princess of Earth
Shed Skin
Travels With my Cats

Best Dramatic, Long

Eternal Sunshine
The incredibles
Sky Captain
Spider man 2

Best Dramatic, Short

Heroes, Stargate
Not Fade Away, Angel
Smile Time, Angel
33, Galactica
Pilot, Lost


A Certain Bear
KJ bishop
David Moles
Chris Roberson
Steph Swainston

Not doing the full list from my phone! They'll be online soon enough anyway. :-)

Thank you, Mr. Harrison. And Whoot!
Congrats! And you're in good company, too ...
Wow. Just wow.

Well done to you! That is incredibly cool. And deserved, too. :)
Oops. Can someone put a complete list on instant fanzine please?

In general I am happy. And man, check out that novel list! RIVER OF GODS!

Dramatic short form also good.
got it.
Thanks. :-)
Dramatic short form also good.

Yep, good list:

Heroes, Stargate

By *far* the best story of the last several seasons of Stargate IMO, this two-parter had lots of interesting things to say about the role of the news media in reporting and shaping events. A well deserved (but unexpected) nomination.

Not Fade Away, Angel

The excellent series finale. Nuff said.

Smile Time, Angel

Not perhaps the best episode, but oh so funny and pulls off an absurd premise without sacrificing characterisation. Perhaps the weakest of the nominees, even though I really enjoyed it.

33, Galactica

An taut submarine drama in space, with ethical dilemma to boot. I'm really pleased that this got a nod.

Pilot, Lost

An intriguing and successful pilot with incredible, filmic production values. To my mind, Walkabout was better, though.
Agreed about Lost (and I liked the Sayid and Claire episodes more than the pilot as well). Haven't seen Stargate. Otherwise, it's the list I'd have chosen.
Actually, if you get a chance to see the Stargate two-parter I do recommend it. I can't honestly say that most recent seasons of SG-1 have been much more than enjoyable fluff, but that particular story really did have something interesting to say. It started out quite whimsically, but accumulated depth and meaning as it went along.