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Thought for the con: the programme has been a bit thin, but really not badly chosen.

Really interesting panel this morning with Ian Mcdonald, Geoff Ryman and the ubiquitous Richard Morgan about the challenges writers face portraying other (real) cultures. Lots of interesting points about the pitfalls and benefits, and why writers do it at all, and how such stories are affected by being sf or not.

This afternoon I organised a Not The Hugo Awards, which seemed to go ok, although yes, still need to talk slower. Conclusion: River of Gods or Strange and Norrell would be worthy winners, Iron Sunrise or Strange and Norrell are the likely winners, but you can't discount Banks or Mieville. We talked a little about the other categories as well, and I suddenly realised the obvious omission: where is Peacekeeper Wars?

I've just spent the last couple of hours debating the merits of Space Odyssey with Tony, Pete, Del, Simon and Dave Hardy. And I think I may have agreed to help Geoff Ryman run a small con in London. And maybe with EuroClarion. Oops?
EuroClarion and a small Ryman con in London!

Tell me more!

And might I humbly offer Imperial College as a possible venue for both...
(Deleted comment)
It is very putative at the moment. About all I know is that Ryman thought it was a good idea and Farah volunteered me and I didn't say no fast enough. But I'll let you know if anything comes of it.
The con at least isn't even at pre-planning stage yet. I think. As for the EuroClarion, he asked if I'd help out and I said I would if I could. Offer noted, though. :)
where is Peacekeeper Wars.

Given that it makes NO SENSE AT ALL! I am hardly surprised noone other than you nominated it :P
Given that it makes NO SENSE AT ALL! I am hardly surprised noone other than you nominated it :P

Bah! I'm sure it made no sense at all if you hadn't seen the previous few seasons of Farscape, so as a standalone mini-series it was probably a dead loss. But as a finale to the series as a whole it made perfect sense.

(Well, as much sense as Farscape normally makes, anyway... it's all part of its weird space opera charm.)