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And so I return, blinking in the light, from the strange con-zone in which I barely know what day it is, let alone what time of day. The clocks went forward over the weekend, right?

Pretty relaxed morning. Bought more books (The Ends of the Earth by Lucius Shepard; Dreaming in Smoke and Someone to Watch Over Me by Tricia Sullivan and a collection of stories by Gardner Dozois And Others, all in hardback, total cost: a fiver) to bring my con total books bought to a dozen. Unless I'm forgetting some. Which is respectable, but some way short of Nick's monumental haul. I don't think he quite made the hundred, but he wasn't far short.

Lunchtime and early afternoon saw Ken Macleod's guest of honour talk (which turned out to be a reading from Learning the World (which is going to have that title in this country), followed by questions) and then, er, Helm's Deep re-enacted on bouncy castles.

Then came home and watched '33' (Battlestar Galactica 1x01) with Andrew and Geneva. It's still very good, with just two minor flaws: the birth, which I can see was necessary but was overplayed, and the look through the windows of the Olympic Carrier, which was entirely unnecessary.

The only bits of news to penetrate the con bubble over the weekend, aside from those already documented, were the result of the boat race (woo!) and the result of the Philip K Dick Award (won by Life, which is very good and a worthy winner, albeit not quite as good or worthy as Air). So what else have I missed?

(And my, it's exciting to be typing on an actual keyboard again.)
I think if I had the choice of coming home with too many books and finding a dead rat at the bottom of my garden, I know which I'd rather do.

So - ahem - did you go on the bouncy castle, too?
I did!

They're much more tiring than they were when I was six.
I think that was the consensus.

I think you'd left by the time we played capture the flag for the second time. It lasted about 15 minutes as both teams employed a technique that involved lying on top of the flag and being as immobile as possible. I was good at his until Sabine bent my arm behind my back.

I wish I could have watched that.

Although I'm sure that you are naturally graceful. Honist.
I'm sure the video files will support that belief.
*wipes sweat of her forehead*

There's - videofiles? Oh, my.
There might be.
Erm - under what conditions?
It depends how Andrew edits them, mainly...
Phew. Only that.
Ah, so you're the git who bought the Tricia Sullivan this morning.
You misspelt 'the lovely man who's going to lend me Tricia Sullivan books'. :p

Anyway, there were copies of Lethe left...
You misspelt 'the lovely man who's going to lend me Tricia Sullivan books'.

No I didn't. :p

Can you remember what we did on Saturday morning? I've completely forgotten although I suspect there was hanging about the dealer's room involved.
The earliest thing I can remember is the adaptation-between-different-mediums discussion with Richard Morgan. But that's because before that I was driving around Hinkley trying to find breakfast.
I think that was the time I went to read Mayflower II while a man in the bar snored louder than danmilburn.
I bet that was Airhard (sp?)
> from the strange con-zone

a world so strange that I thought you were drunk last night - on nothing but alcohol free drinks...
There was a catapult. And string. The rest was inevitable.
Twas nice to meet you - I wish I'd got more time to actually chat to you, but my time kept mysteriously vanishing.
Likewise! See you at Worldcon? :)
Indeedy. I picked up an attending membership for £50, so I'm sorted :->