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David Fury moves from Lost to The Inside, aka Tim Minear's new show, now due this autumn. And apparently he's recruited Jane Espenson as well. [via iainjclark]

New Tom McRae track! 'For The Restless'.[via justlikeblood]

BBC Cult has a website for Dark Season! Major points to them. Also, BBC4 will be screening an interview/retrospective thingy with the man himself next Monday (and repeating it later in the week). [via daweaver]

If there is no more Carnivale I may cry.

Coolest thing I've seen this week: transparent screens. [via claire_weaver]

Fiction: poking around Strange Horizons I came across a fine series of Other Cities by Benjamin Rosenbaum.

Discussion of the adaptation of Sin City at Bookslut

benpeek has finished his Street Conversations, and also written about magazines as objects. I have to say, I'm getting more and more tired of the digest format myself. I like it in principle, and F&SF isn't too bad, but Asimov's can be downright ugly sometimes.

Eastercon report roundup: despotliz here, swisstone here, andrewducker here, greengolux here. Liz also has some photos here, and peteyoung has some here.

And finally: Primer is out on DVD in a couple of weeks, at least in the States. It's one of the best, if not the best, time-travel films I've ever seen, and my second-favourite film of last year (and according to Amazon, the sixth coolest sf thing not released yet). Everyone go order it. [via Tom]
Play says it's out now, you big ape.
Even better!

Although you'd think the film's actual website would be the most trusted source...
Never trust anything official.

Right, we definitely on for Galactica Day? Shall I see if it'll be anyone other that you, me and the li'l lady[1]?

[1] This comment smothered under an all-covering Veil Of Irony.
Yes. Though since I'm not really going to get a lie-in on Sunday, I really really want one on Saturday, which means I may give you the first few episodes (the ones I've already watched) and let you start without me. I'll roll up around lunchtime or so. :p

Veil of Irony

... uh-huh.
Tsk. Alrighty then.
Hope this means they'll be releasing Dark Season on DVD. And Century Falls, while they're at it.
Well, we can dream ...
Is also out on DVD, and it was one of the best films I saw last year. Er, I think that you and Geneva were there.

We were indeed. Robot Stories is ace (particularly the second story, about the collector). But Primer is better. :)
Another discussion here. Sin City redux:

'steaming pile of dogshit' was the phrase used to describe the film. I for one disagree.

Sure, any film derived from a graphic novel which is itself derived from a genre of film is going to have considerable translation difficulties...but having Frank Miller at the helm of film direction went a long way in helping work with this challenge.

I agree that 'Sin City' is no 'On the Waterfront' or 'Maltese Falcon' - but it does take the flavor, and Miller makes it his own, with a decidedly late-20th century violent eye. Rather importantly, there was plenty of sex, violence, and corruption in the first noir - they simply didn't dwell on it as the focus of the subject matter, instead making the dialogue and unfolding mystery the focus. Miller shifts this, and does so very well, because he still maintains a progressing story, and quite a bit of spicy dialogue in the violent ragu.
Oops, should have linked the source:

Thanks for the recommendation of Primer, it was great!
Glad you enjoyed it! It's even more impressive when you consider that the writer/actor/director is pretty much self-taught, and that the whole thing was filmed for about $7K. :)