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I went to Oxford.

OUSFG showed The Flipside Of Dominick Hide and Another Flip For Dominick, two early-80s BBC TV plays featuring strangely British time-travel shennanigans. Panic was good, although not great; I gather it was the current committee's last night, so they took the opportunity to play all the things they've clearly been wanting to play for the last year. Probably great if you were on the committee or had an intimate familiarity with their record collections, less enthralling for the average Panic-goer.

And I got back in time to bid tizzle_b farewell anyway, so that all worked out well in the end.

And my new toy arrived this morning from SVP Communications. Woo!

Lastly: Reading sold out? Pfft. Glastonbury sold out? Who cares? I'm going to Truck 2003.
...you just get more indy and elliptical by the day, Rea-Boy. Having said that, I have heard of at least six people on the bill, and the prospect of picking hay out of your hair whilst drinking bear and listening to tunes is far more attractive than mud and tents...
I got back in time to bid tizzle_b farewall

Barely, Harrison! Barely.

But it was appreciated all the same. Now when I'm on my flight in (checks) just over 24hours, after having bid you farewell tonight, I'll appreciate the effort you put in :)
And angel 4x22 is out for you to watch on it, how cool is that?
Pretty rockin'. Although I won't be able to watch it until about midnight.

Grr, arrgh. Must. Resist. Spoilers.
50 bucks! Why didn't you mention this earlier?
I did. You clearly weren't in the right place at that time. My bad.
Also, it plays MPEGs. Not just VCDs: straight MPEGs, too. And it comes with a handy note from SVP explaining how to multi-region it.

My player in Edinburgh did that. I should really get that one back at some point. The one I currently live with does not play VCDs. Stupid brother.
Is the SCART output RGB, or just plain old EURO-AV?
Haven't the foggiest. What's the difference?
The picture on RGB is much better.
No, literally, what's the difference in terms of cabling? I know what Scary sockets and cables look like, whereas I don't know what you're talking about when you say RGB. Is it the same as 'component video out'?
'cause, y'know, not settling for anything less than RGB.
Ooh, tempted...

Is it nice and easy to multi-region?
Yes. They give you all the necessary codes.
(Ian Ruth Jo Alex Jeremy Damian and maybe more)

it's so fun!
is the truckfest the one with cool t-shirts?
re: OUSFG - sounds interesting, was it good?

re: gadetry ... damn, that is just fractionally better than my system. (whew! otherwise I'd be too damn tempted to buy it straight away!)


If KTB is there (which I suspect she will be, since she's signed to Truck and is in fact the sister of the singer in Goldrush) GO AND SEE HER. But do not mention that she is the sister of the singer in Goldrush. :P

She's great. Goes to Birmingham Uni, and has played a couple of indiesoc things. Brilliant. Young Folk Award finalist, in fact (but so not trad enough to win it).

Way ahead of you. She was there last year, we saw her and all bought the album. :-D

And she will be there this year, yes. On the main stage. WITH AN ORCHESTRA.

Wanna come? :)
Way ahead of you. She was there last year, we saw her and all bought the album. :-D

The girl rocks the house - way better than Goldrush, actually (saw them supporting the Flaming Lips)! :P Come to Birmingham on Sunday 25th and see her (unfortunately, also me ... so perhaps not) live, dammit! Come on, you know you want to. Also? Stealer, who I raved about in some entry or other.

I saw her today, actually, and asked her if she wanted to play. She's got to get back to me, so it's possible she won't. So don't make any plans that you're not going to anyway.

Wanna come? :)

Hmmm. Tempting. Let me have a think. (Dangerous, I know.)

The girl rocks the house

That she does.

way better than Goldrush, actually

That she is. Although I do like Goldrush. And what with it being their festival, they'll be there as well.

Come to Birmingham on Sunday 25th

You know, I really might - the 26th is a bank holiday, after all. I feel a meet coming on...
You know, I really might - the 26th is a bank holiday, after all. I feel a meet coming on...

Me not complaining. If there isn't someone there who actually knows his way around a PA, I may be up on stage a lot fiddling with the sound for others as well as myself, but I'll certainly make a special trip down for the meet. :P Come one come all ... just don't go expecting anything very good from me musically. :)