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According to Joss on the Bronze last night, Angel will be back for year five:

Joss says:
(Thu May 8 17:14:46 2003
Hi kids,
No, this is not the evil anti-Joss. I wear no goatee/van-****/fu-manchu facial hair. I follow not the path of the scar-faced Spock.
I am the real deal. The gala mandala. The free chi.
I merely wish to spread good will hunting and Matt Damons to all by stating that Angel will definitely be back next season. The official news spews next week.
Kai and I love you all, love each other, love ourselves, make love to elves, and are often fresh on Hobbits.
Bugs and Krishnas to all!

Woohoo! :-)

UPDATE: There is some debate as to whether or not this was the real Joss, even though the post made it on to the Bronze VIP Archive. Watch this space...

\o\ /o/ \o/

van-what now?
/me does the dance of joy
Sadly it was the evil anti-joss.

Real joss, sounding a mite pissed-off:

"joss says:
(Fri May 9 18:39:45 2003) [Edit/Delete]

OKAY! for the first time ever, someone pretended to be me with some measure
of success! Congratulations. Here's exactly what came of it: the brass at
the WB saw the post, thought it was me, and got wicked pissed off. The fact
is, they are still deciding the schedule, and Angel's future is still in
doubt. Making them angry at this stage is, shall we say, unhelpful.
Hopefully my colorfulness will make it clear I'm me, I don't have time for
the usual funny."