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Remember that idea? Well, Jonathan Strahan has announced that it's going ahead:
I'm very happy to announce that Gary Wolfe and I will be co-editing an anthology of the year's best non-fiction writing about science fiction, fantasy and horror for Chris Roberson at Monkeybrain Books. Tentatively titled Best New SF Writings: 2005, it's a book I'm really excited to be doing. I love the idea, and I really like the books Chris has been publishing. If you have anything you've read that you'd like to recommend, we'd love to hear from you.
Fantastic news, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished book already. It's cool that Gary Wolfe is involved, too.
Good news, though it's a shame you're not going to be involved.
Well, this was Jonathan's idea, and he and Wolfe are clearly better-qualified than I am, at the moment at least. I'm sure there'll be other projects. :)