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shortform now has discussions for all three Hugo short fiction categories: short stories (by Liz), novellettes (by me) and novellas (by Chance). Go join in!

Tonight's BSFA London Meeting guest is Ben Jeapes, interviewed by Farah Mendlesohn.

Rick Kleffel reviews Accelerando, which you can download for free here. Also now available gratis is Cory Doctorow's urban-techno-fantasy-thing Someone Comes To Town, Someone Leaves Town (the one with the gorgeous cover, remember?)

One that I completely forgot to link last week: coffeeandink starts a series of posts about her personal history with feminism, manga and anime.

Band of the week: The Airfields. I recommend 'Leaps and Bounds'.

Fascinating article about the rivalry between Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert. [via oursin]

> Stop

My thoughts exactly! Hee!
Navratilova and Everet--that's my entire childhood Wimbledon's from the "age of reason" to going to University.