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Hey, everyone else is doing it. This is when you'll be able to find me at Interaction.

Thursday 1800: The Alge-Bread-Ist
Tom Anderson
Liz Batty
Niall Harrison (M)
Andrew Hogg
Alex Ingram

If you cut a sandwich in half, do you have one sandwich or two? Third Row Fandom contemplate the great philosophical questions of our time, and make a tasty snack.

Saturday 1200: Not The Hugo Awards
Lou Anders
Charles N. Brown
Ginjer Buchanan
Niall Harrison (M)
Gordon Van Gelder

What should win the Hugo Award in the fiction categories? Panelists discuss what they think should win and what the result of the actual vote might be.

Saturday 1300: Literary Team Pick of the Year -- Margo Lanagan's Black Juice
Niall Harrison (M)

Saturday 1600: The Magazines are Dead. Long Live the Magazines
Ellen Datlow
Gavin Grant
Niall Harrison (M)
Jed Hartman
Gordon Van Gelder

Do you read the magazines? Are the stories any good? What are magazines for? How many of you have had a subscription for a magazine that you haven't read for a year? Does it make a difference if they are online or not?

Sunday 1300: Books Based on Other Media (YA)
Paul Cornell
Niall Harrison (M)
Rebecca Moesta
Karen Traviss
Ian Watson

40k, Star Wars, Buffy, Doctor Who, etc. How do they cross media and are the books an introduction to the wider world of literary sf, or just a handy job?

Monday 1100: Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and Other New SF TV (YA)
Niall Harrison
Dave Howell
Karen Traviss

Is there a renaissance in TV SF? The last ten years have seen SF TV become very mainstream -- or was it already there?

Monday 1300: The Future of Fandom
Julia Daly
Fran Dowd
Flick (M)
Niall Harrison
Pete Young

We're all getting older, but is this a problem? Is fandom vibrant or in decline, welcoming or exclusive? Will any good come of Interaction, and where will the new young fans come from?
A good mix of serious and less-serious stuff there, I think. Hopefully we'll be able to find a new angle on the magazines panel (I have some thoughts). Odd that there's no moderator listed for the new sf tv panel. Oh, and I'll be arriving on Thursday and leaving on Tuesday, if that makes a difference to anyone.

And because I'm losing track, and need a list of the people I should try to at least say hello to:

Are you going to Worldcon?

Looks like great gobs o' fuN!
Someone has to compile a list of Worldcon events with known people attending from this Third Row ... hangers-on like me just can't keep up! :-)
That's me, Zac, commenting...
I have a copy of the chedule: if you'd like me to pull a list out, I probably can, given names of people you're interested in.

Or just wait until it's ont he website, which shouldn't be long.
Ah, cheers, I'll wait then.
Someone on Programming must really like you. Here are a few notes I have from personal experiences with the folks you've got panels with.

Gordo Van Gelder can sometimes be too quiet and not fully participatory. As moderator, you might have to pull him out a little. Happened to me on the couple of panels I've moderated with him.

Ellen Datlow is a great person to be on a panel with. She's just a bundle of fun.

Dave Howell is one of my favourite people in fandom. He's got great opinions and is seldom shy about sharing them. Once in a while, he can go off on a tangent, but it's almost always an entertaining tangent.

That Future of Fandom panel looks fantastic. I'll get my camera minion there too

And I certainly sending my camera minion to the Alge-Bread-ist panel!