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I have arrived at worldcon. It's big, isn't it?
To quote from the diary of a famous Battle of Britain fighter pilot whose name temporarily eludes me*: "Thousands of the bastards."

(His diary entry for the following day read: "Still thousands of them.")

* swisstone may remember.
Apparently so
Not a bad article, that.
Two people texted me to tell me about that. It's not a bad piece, really. :)
i've pretty much just decided that i am going to go to worldcon.
though fitting in around working hours.
Sorry not to have caught up with you (or did we say hi without my realising it?) -- hope you had a good con!
i didn't recall that your name was on your LJ until afterwards. i have a feeling i walked past you at one point, but all i can remember is seeing your name on a badge - can't remember where it was or what you looked like. but hey.

it was mostly a good weekend, some of the cancellations (always a risk) were frustrating, and i was still utterly knackered last night.
They tend to be that way.

Have fun!
It looks very small from here. :-P
Or is it just far away?
Thanks, Ted.
it is going to get bigger tomorrow.

Worldcons are big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big they are. I mean, you may think it's a long way down the road to the Tun, but that's just peanuts to worldcon.

You so asked for it with the big comment.
See, I was deliberately avoiding that joke on the grounds that it was too obvious. ;-)
Death shall not release you I'm afraid.