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So far, this con feels remarkably like, say, an Eastercon. But bigger. I've met virtually no Americans - I think they all went to the party hotel while British fandom stayed in the bar. I have, however, acquired various publications.

- Foundation 94 (featuring a review by me!)
- The latest Banana Wings and Zoo Nation. The latter has a fabulous cover.
- Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg (won in the bsfa raffle)
- Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton, courtesy Zara.
- Interzone 199 (also featuring a review by me! And you might even be able to buy this one in shops)
which bar is the question? (and I may have seen you in the dealer room but then got swept away before I could make my way there)
(that was chance who is not logged in for some reason)
The Moat House bar. I'll be on the bsfa stall from noon to one today, then going to the fantastic cities panel. Or leave me a note on the voodoo board, or something. :)
This American certainly wasn't in the party hotel, except to fall over at 2 AM or so. Quite the contrary, it was in the Moat House fan area, talking with Brits and drinking pretty decent real ale.
OK, so 'all' was an exaggeration. :) I did actually spot you in the distance but didn't pluck up the courage to say hello.
seemed to be plenty of americans and norwegians kicking about when i arrived last night. hoping to get in about 2pm this afternoon! (though probably be more like 3 :( )
No Australians then? Or is meeting Australians not worldcon enough for you then? Wait till I tell zarabee she's insufficiently exotic. . .
I think it's just that I was expecting so very many Americans, that to not see any of them was strange.
So, did you eventually see lots of USians? Given travelling from the US to Scotland is surely not overly expensive I'd of assumed there would be scads of them.
Yes. They were, in fact, all at the Hilton after all.
Clearly my brain is still insufficiently recovered from the excesses of Worldcon; I read that last word as 'erotic'.
Which mistake amuses me. I don't know how zarabee would feel about it.
Aiee! Back in Edinburgh tonight, but would like to meet up with you at some point. My mobile number is 07980 86 86 39 - text me tomorrow afternoon and let me know where you're hanging out :->
I have just read Vector 242 which also contains a review by you. Worst justification for a review ever.
Write a letter of complaint to the editor. :-P