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The Guardian Guide reviews Primer:
If the term science fiction didn't conjure images of overblown special effects and alien make-up, it would be the perfect description for this: a gripping, low-budget thriller with lots of science. The premise is nothing new (two guys invent a time machine) but this feels like a film that doesn't know anyone's watching it. The performances are casual, the drama unforced and the exposition minimal. The latter makes things mighty confusing - you could well have to watch it twice, or take notes.
Much better is Peter Bradshaw's full review:
Primer really does spread a radioactive creepiness around its subject, simply by treating it as an everyday conspiracy thriller, and this radioactivity pours relentlessly from the screen. Like its characters, this film is very, very ambitious and rather mad. Yet how much more interesting than the usual low-IQ product elsewhere. It's an exhilarating, disturbing and funny experience.
It is showing at a limited number of cinemas in London. You should see it if you can.
I think my brain still hurts from it. (which means it's awesome)
That sounds rather cool - unfortunately I doubt that it'll make it this far out into the provinces, will it? One for DVD, then...
Seconded - I saw it last year, and it's 'proper' science fiction - the kind you'd actually read if it was a short story.
mark kermode was talking about primer on friday afternoon on fivelive, should be able to download an MP3. frustratingly its not showing in glasgow yet - though i hope it will - we go through phases where we do quite well, followed by phases where we get nothing :(
The Independent has reviews (which I haven't had time to read yet) here and here.
"This is cinema as Sudoku puzzle". Heh.