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A Serenity filter.

I'll start: Book got completely screwed, didn't he?
Book got completely screwed, didn't he?

Well, yes. But, given the story and the structure, I'm really not sure he could have got much more screen time without it seeming unecessary. Since the film more or less had the pace spot on, I'm not sure you can complain about Book from any position other than the fan's. (Cue the exchange we had last night.)

And can I just say that seeing Mal as (reputedly) originally intended was a pleasure?
And can I just say that seeing Mal as (reputedly) originally intended was a pleasure?

In a towel with bedhair?
True up to a point. And Ron Glass' schedule got in the way a bit as well. And Whedon still wouldn't tell us what the story with Book was, on the grounds that he was saving things for the sequel, so I suspect there might be flashbacks.

But yes, as I said last night--if you're a fan, he got screwed, if you're a non-fan, he's just a wise old black man who gets killed. I'm not sure which sucks more, but either way it is a problem.
And can I just say that seeing Mal as (reputedly) originally intended was a pleasure?

You know, that was one of the first thoughts I had about the film... after omgthey'reinspacebutyoucanstillhearthesplosions that is.
And can I just say that seeing Mal as (reputedly) originally intended was a pleasure?

Hell yes. IIRC, the first "nice Mal" was got in the series was in The Train Job; which was written to please the network, not anyone else. I think Mal would have been much darker throughout the series if they hadn't had to write that episode when and how they did. Seeing his character being so conflicted and mood-swingy and dark was great.
And Wash got the shaft. *sob*
Por ded Wash!!!
And the dinosaurs still on the controls at the end! *sobs more*

I mean I thought it was upsetting enough watching Serenity get smashed up like that..
We should have guessed this would happen using the following logic: Joss is a fucker. Who is the most lovable character? Who will therefore die? Joss is a fucker. Brilliantly done (Fillion was saying his favourite thing to do at screenings is watch people chuckle at Wash's leaf line before immediately segueing into horror and shocked stillness), but what a fucker.
Wash did, indeed, get screwed. And in a nasty, over-too-quickly, no time for grieving way. Great way to kill him off, but I'll miss him, he was probably my favourite character, and woefully underused except in War Stories.

I have only one change I'd make to the film, but I'll post that on my own journal tonight.
I'll miss him

Fillion told us that Joss has said he finds it hard to imagine another film without Wash or Book. The panted one added that Joss is "a clever bastard", so we shouldn't discount the possibility.

Oh, and as a note, the entire cast was in Edinburgh - except for Wash and Book...
Tudyk's appearing in Spamalot on Broadway at the moment, to be fair ...
Whedon was joking about it a little.

"Hey, how come my script ends at page 130?"
"You land the ship, the film ends. That's it."
"But everyone else's script is longer."
"That's because you're better than them. They need more help to get their lines right."
FYI - I had a small post on the film here and there are links to other discussions in the comments.