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OK, gang, here's the deal: I'm on holiday next week. I am looking forward to nine consecutive days filled with sleeping, reading, and writing (and maybe just a little bit of socialising). But there's a problem, which is that even my I-must-read-this-soon buffer is overflowing, never mind my actual to-be-read pile (or the to-be-read sprawl, as I more accurately like to think of it). I know that I'll be reading the new Stephen Baxter, Transcendent, because who can resist an opening line like "The girl from the future told me that the sky is full of dying worlds"? Not me. But I don't know what else to read. Consequently, a poll:

What books should I read in the next week?

Bear Daughter by Judith Berman
Camp Concentration by Thomas M. Disch
The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss
Looking for Jake by China Mieville
In The Palace of Repose by Holly Phillips
Fifty Degrees Below by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Accidental by Ali Smith
Her Smoke Rose Up Forever by James Tiptree Jr.
Ticky, by Box.

Write-in option, for books you know I have lying around and think I really should read.

I may read the three that receive the most votes, or I may ignore you all. But that shouldn't stop you exercising your democratic right.

(If it makes any difference to anyone, I've already been dipping into all the collections on that list--the Hill, Mieville, Phillips and Tiptree--it's just a question of which ones I try to actually finish. And I was planning to keep Camp Concentration to the end of the month--it's the instant_fanzine book choice for November, so I want to read it just before the discussion, and I know I've got a flight on which I'll have time to read it. And if anyone wants to justify their votes with a comment, that'd be cool too.)

UPDATE: Those write-in votes in full:

immortalradical suggests PASSAGE TO INDIA, YOU NUMPTY. It's true, I do have Passage to India around here somewhere, but it's second in the Literature pile. The Periodic Table comes first (third is Dubliners).

ajr votes for Damon Knight's In Search of Wonder, which I acquired from the fishlifters earlier this year. That, along with Clute's Look at the Evidence and Parietal Games, is one of the books that sits in the bathroom for me to read in those idle moments. So I'm getting through it, but slowly. Books of reviews are not one of those things I can just sit down and read straight through.

grahamsleight nominates Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys. Two pre-1995 books is enough for one week, Graham.

tefkas' entry is Judas Unchained by Peter F. Hamilton. Flaw in this plan: it's part 2 of 2, and I haven't read its predecessor, Pandora's Star (although I do have a copy).
I'm on holiday next week.

Snap! Well, except Monday. And possibly Thursday, because for thefirst time in aaaaages I have both Stuff To Do, and Deadlines To Do It By. But almost snap.
I've not even heard of most of those books, you'll be unsuprised to hear, so I've voted for the Mark Gatiss, so you can join in the i_f discussion, and because it shouldn't take you more than a day, if that.
If I forget to say in the meantime, enjoy your week off :-)

Yes, but you're on holiday so much it barely counts. :p
who can resist an opening line like "The girl from the future told me that the sky is full of dying worlds"?

When an opening line makes me think 'Christ, he really spent far too much effort trying to come up with a first line', it doesn't entice me.
Quiet, philistine!

(Did I pick the right Who book? Technically they should both be on the list but this one looked more fun.)
The only one of those I've heard of is The Vesuvius Club, and what I know of it suggests that it's something T might enjoy but I probably wouldn't, and I'm not sure you would either. And I can't think of anything else that I've read recently that I think you might like and haven't already read.
I'm pretty sure I won't enjoy it, too, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. (veggiesu lent it to me so I could read it for IF.)
Putting aside the ones you should read (with my reviews ed hat on) then I'd suggest that you take China's collection. Just finished this and most of the stories are good, many are very very good and one is possibly the best short story I've read for years (but with a note of caution that I don't read that many short stories).

Otherwise if you have not yet read it then take Maximum City by Suketu Mehta or JCG's new one 9tail Fox - my two best books so far this year.
Maximum City is in the meta-to-be-read pile, otherwise known as my amazon wishlist. It's tempting, you're right.
I have voted for The Year of Intelligent Tigers because I like the title. Sometimes you have to be shallow.
If we're voting on titles, Tiptree wins hands-down for me.
grahamsleight nominates Rogue Moon by Algis Budrys. Two pre-1995 books is enough for one week, Graham.

Read it. It's better than Disch or any of that cobblers. Plus its only 100 pages.
You must have really big pages or really small type. The edition I have is 206 pages.
Two pre-1995 books is enough for one week, Graham


Apart from the fact that I still think of 1995 as about two years ago, I tend to consider 'contemporary' writing to start somewhere around 1970, or maybe even earlier (1963, perhaps, to coincide with the beginning of sexual intercourse...)
The Periodic Table comes first (third is Dubliners).

I wasn't aware this was a Guess Which Book Is Top Of Its Respective Pile competition.
I'm pretty sure calling me a numpty didn't help your book's chances.
YEAR OF INTELLIGENT TIGERS isn't that great compared to some of Orman's other ones...well, I did like that there's a guest character who very obviously has a crush on the Doctor.