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Things have been on hold for the past couple of weeks. Not because anything's gone wrong, but just because the post has been frustratingly slow; the initial letter I received confirming that Abbey National are going to lend me the money was dated 16th May, but didn't arrive until the 29th.

Anyway, the offer has eventually reached all the relevant parties, and things seem to be moving forward relatively quickly. The solicitor's searches have been done, bar one or two; now the arrangements are being checked, and contracts drawn. Given that there's no chain on either end of this sale, apparently it's looking likely that I'll be in there by the end of the month. Fingers crossed, I guess.
Ah good, was worrying things had completely ground to a halt. It'd be a nice present if you were in by your birthday, wouldn't it?

I get keys to new flat next Monday. Yay!
It'd be a nice present if you were in by your birthday, wouldn't it?

Indeed. Right now, it's looking as though the biggest problem might be trying to get my bed up the stairs and into the flat...

I get keys to new flat next Monday.

Take it in through the window? One of the funniest things I ever saw was my dad and uncle attempting to get a sofa into the front bedroom of our old house by wedgind it through the window - an attempt to get it up the stairs resulted in a near-Dirk Gently like experience, and a lot of paint scraped off the walls.
Take it in through the window?

There is just no way that would work. This is a top-floor flat; none of the windows are bed-width. Certainly none of them are as wide as my bed, anyway.
Do you have a special bed for the unfeasibly tall?
Does it not dismantle? Having new expensive beds - that parents very nicely paid for - delivered sometime next week. My anticipation at having a double bed knows no bounds.
If it dismantled, do you think there'd be a problem?
More fool you then. :P