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My MiniDisc player has broken.

At first I thought it was the car speakers; you see, I plug the MD player into my car stereo via a nifty audio-to-tape device. The drivers' side speakers started cutting out, and fiddling with the audio jack didn't seem to make any difference, so I assumed it was the speakers. Turns out it's not; it's just that the audio socket on the MD player has comprehensively died.

Fortunately, when I bought the player I also bought the store insurance. I'm not entirely sure why, since I never normally do. Clearly, the salesman was in a particularly persuasive mood. Alternatively, maybe I was swayed by the length of the coverage - I bought the thing in 2001, the policy doesn't expire until 2006, and MD players don't normally last me more than about two years before they wear out. Anyway, the upshot is that the player has now been sent away to be cared for and loved by the store technicians - and for the next four weeks (or thereabouts), I'm reduced to listening to the radio whilst I drive.

I have no way of recording tapes. I haven't had a tape player for years - why would I? I never use the things. And the situation is almost enough to make me go and buy a cheap CD player, just to get by. I mean, what are my options? Radio 4 may be wonderful, but you can't listen to talk radio whilst you drive. Radio 1 is tolerable in the evenings, but laughable during commuting hours. Then there are Capital and 2-ten, both of which play pop dross. The most bearable options are Virgin and Radio 2. On the upside, these two play music which is not entirely hateful; on the downside, the vast majority of the time they come with teeth-grindingly irritating DJs.

No, what I need are compilation tapes. Anyone out there care to volunteer to make one for me? Anything goes. Except ninety-minute Chris Rea mixes, obviously.
If I can find any of my mix tapes, I'll post them to you. Since I have shiny new toy, and won't be listening to my stereo for a bit. This will require you listening to whatever crap is on my mix tapes (hint: it may involve Folk Music).
Forgot to add: you really had to post about how your MD player just died on the day I bought one without warranty, didn't you?
this is very tempting :)

(sets to work)
What kinda stuff do you like to listen to when you drive?
Um. Whatever I've most recently MDed from my CD collection. Recently, Ryan Adams, the Cardigans, the Delgadoes, Doves, Idlewild, Radiohead.
I really like listening to Radio 4 while I drive. It's a combination of 2 things which don't take up full brain space on their own which works pretty nicely for me :)
Hmm. I find that if I try to listen to R4, I end up focusing too much on what they're saying and not enough on the road. :-)

(Or, I tune it out but then suddenly get distracted by some statement or other. F'rinstance, just now I could swear I heard Bill Bryson say we'd never get out of the solar system because with present rockets it'd take us tens of thousands of years. I'm assuming he means 'never get to other solar systems'. Or something.)
He had a very long queue. And a beard.
A quick check of my hifi reveals it does have tape decks. There's even a sneaking suspicion that they actually work....

So, if you want, I can buy a few tapes, and inflict my more unusual cds upon you ;-)
Yes. But bear in mind that Avril Lavigne = death.
Hey, I've already given you her CD, didn't you like it? ;-)

I'll try to pick up some blank tapes tomorrow, should have some tapes with you by monday morning

can't find my rea tape: not sure if you returned it after i last sent it to you. the truckstop rea tape circle always halts when one of us just can't bear to pass it along.

anyhoo, i am still rummaging. it's like going back in time, so i'm afraid it's going to be vintage stuff you're getting. well, some vintage mixed with obsolete (that'll make sense soon enough).
Do you like Hole or the Afghan Whigs? I can't decide what to send you because i keep coming across things i forgot i had.
Still, it's an engaging enough task :)
I have a good tape deck - all hooked into the stereo that the PC is hooked into. The PC with all my CDs on.....

Email me your snailmail address and something will be forthcoming.