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Today's Woman's Hour is all about women and sf:
In a special edition of Woman's Hour, Jenni looks at the role of women, both real and fictional, in space.

- The appeal of sci-fi for women
- Women’s relationship with aliens
- The representation of birth and reproduction in sci-fi
- Europe’s last women in space
- Women in the future
The Listen Again link should start working in about 45 minutes, and be available for the following week. I'm impressed that the 'list of recommendations' includes Life by Gwyneth Jones, although they haven't got to that part in the actual show yet, and in fact have spent most of their time so far talking about tv shows and how great conventions are.
I actually came on line to look for it and now I don't need to bother... am at my friend Ruth's and have only caught part of the show because really we're gathered around Ruth's three year old son not the radio.
Ooh, thank you for this! That's a pretty good show, actually, not too dumbed down, but still accessible. And I like the guests; a lot of them are clearly fans, and the kind of smart, articulate women that fandom is full of. It's nice to see them challenging some of the stereotypes of who watches.

...yeah, I thought that was going to be Kim Newman. As the only male participant, I could wish that he'd been less deliberately unreconstructed in his chauvinism.

Good show, Ms Murray, good show.