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Neal Stephenson succumbs to trilogy syndrome (you'll have to do some scrolling):
"With THE BAROQUE CYCLE, his most ambitious project to date, Stephenson once again wields his pen with a ferocious intelligence and razor-sharp wit. Loosely connected to Cryptonomicon, his previous New York Times best-selling novel, this massive three-book work features the ancestors of the main characters in its three volumes: QUICKSILVER, September 23, 2003, THE CONFUSION April 4, 2004 and THE SYSTEM OF THE WORLD, October 4, 2004. Cryptonomicon, a powerfully imagined tale of family secrets, codes and conspiracies has sold more than 400,000 copies in hardcover around the world.

Check out those release dates. And the first one alone is 944 pages. Peter F Hamilton best watch his back....

Well, I'm tickled, that's certain. I just really enjoy Stephenson's style (cryptonomicon more so than, say, Snow Crash, but still), so this should be interesting, to say the least.
after Cryptonomicon. He'd clearly found the world he wanted to be talking about now. Oh, will I succumb and buy the hardback....

I want to read this. I wonder how linked it will be to Cryptonomicon, or just linked by him using the same names again. From seeing Stephenseon talk, he's done vast, vast amounts of research on this.