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Academically, I knew there would come a point where all the faffing about with regards to flat-buying would stop, and things would Just Happen. Well, I'm there, and it took me by surprise.

Yesterday evening, I went to see my Solicitor to have The Talk. No problems; apparently the flat I want to but is both mortgageable and marketable, which is nice. And the suggested completion date is the 20th. Which, yes, would be next Friday.


(The limiting factor now is basically money transfers; making sure it's all together in the right place by the end of next week. That shouldn't be a problem, so...)
Crikey, so have you actually exchanged contracts now?
No - it's all going to happen at the same time, apparently. Benefits of a no-chain situation.
Contracts and completion on the same day? I've never heard of that before, it sounds a bit scary!

How are you supposed to arrange removals and stuff like closure of your currant tenancy with no time between the two?
I'm currently living with my parents. In a house that's within walking distance of the new flat. This solves many problems. :)
Ah, cool -- good luck then :)

*fingers crossed for you until Friday*
Thanks. :)
Woo! Have been moving stuff into new flat and going to Ikea. Very excited lack of internet connection - which is my fault - aside.
Ikea good. Ikea not so good for bank balance. Ikea good.